instant formed diamonds minerals evidence

Instantly formed diamonds evidence

Instantly formed diamonds evidence has been found and commented on by geologists but with the caveat that it ‘looks like’ the diamonds had to be formed instantly as it could not possibly be otherwise, could it?

The Russian Udachnaya diamond has 30000 perfect tiny diamonds in a tight strip through the ore. Also in the rock are red garnet, green olivine and pyroxene.

Geology suggests that the diamonds formed after these other minerals. Could the diamonds and the minerals have been formed at the same time? Could they have been formed where it was found?

“The exciting thing for me is there are 30,000 itty-bitty, perfect octahedrons, and not one big diamond,” said Larry Taylor, a geologist at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, who presented the findings. “It’s like they formed instantaneously.”
Strange Rock from Russia Contains 30,000 Diamonds

instant formed diamonds minerals evidence

Udachnaya diamond – 30000 diamonds in 1 rock!

The concentration of diamonds in the rock is millions of times greater than that in typical diamond ore, which averages 1 to 6 carats per ton, Taylor said. A carat is a unit of weight (not size), and is roughly equal to one-fifth of a gram, or 0.007 ounces.

The astonishing amount of diamonds, and the rock’s unusual Christmas coloring, will provide important clues to Earth’s geologic history as well as the origin of these prized gemstones
Strange Rock from Russia Contains 30,000 Diamonds

Udachnaya diamond formation mystery

Geologists still do not know how diamonds are formed and the process of how they are created and manage to get and survive to the Earths surface shows the puzzle of diamond formation. And perhaps also geology theory and planet formation theory.

“The [chemical] reactions in which diamonds occur still remain an enigma,” Taylor told Live Science.

Scientists think diamonds are born deep below Earth’s surface, in the layer between the crust and core called the mantle. Explosive volcanic eruptions then carry hunks of diamond-rich mantle to the surface. However, most mantle rocks disintegrate during the trip, leaving only loose crystals at the surface. The Udachnaya rock is one of the rare nuggets that survived the rocketing ride.
Strange Rock from Russia Contains 30,000 Diamonds

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