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Hyperion not destroyed by impacts?

hyperion craters mystery surface geology features saturn moonIf Hyperion, the large strange moon of Saturn, has a density so low that science suggests it is made of ice then how did it survive all those multiple impacts that cover its surface?

Hyperion is one of our solar system’s most intriguing objects. One reason is its unusually low density. Although it’s the largest of Saturn’s potato-shaped moons, with an average diameter of 270 km (170 miles, less than a tenth our Moon’s size), it has a density about half that of water. Due to this low density, and the high reflectivity of its craters’ sides, planetary geologists surmise that the moon is made largely of water ice.
Close-Up of Saturn’s Moon Hyperion

Or are the Hyperion surface craters and its strange orbit due to electromagnetic activity and discharges?

Or could Hyperion’s density actually be different if the mystery of ‘what gravity actually is’ turns out to be an electromagnetic force in an Electric Universe?