Hunstanton beach balls mystery

Hunstanton beach rocks lines mysteryHunstanton in Norfolk, UK is famous for its three colourful strata and also the amount of fossils in the cliffs.

Less famous but as interesting from a geology point of view are Hunstanton's beach rocks that are found in straight lines.

Hunstanton cliffs norfolk geology strata boulders linesAre they just wave cut platforms?

Are these boulder lines there because of the activity that created the colourful layers in the cliffs?

Are the Hunstanton rock lines there because of the events that created the East Anglia coprolites and the old coprolite mining industry?

Were Hunstantons clifs, cliff layers, fossils, rock lines and the East Anglian coprolites all created by a large electrical discharge event between Portland in the south to the Wash where Hunstanton is located (near Norwich)?

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