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Human electromagnetic evolution: embryos

human electromagnetic evolution evidence theoryCould the electromagnetic environment make ‘evolutionary’ type changes to humans? Especially during the early development of human embryos.

Electromagnetic fields have been found to create ‘evolutionary’ type changes to plant seeds, or is that devolution?

In human embryos, the SRY gene encodes a unique transcription factor that activates a testis-forming pathway at about week seven of development. Before this time, the embryonic gonad is “indifferent,” meaning that it is capable of developing into either a testis or an ovary (Figure 2). Likewise, the early embryo has two systems of ducts, Wolffian and Müllerian ducts, which are capable of developing into the male and female reproductive tracts, respectively. Once the SRY gene product stimulates the indifferent gonad to develop into a testis, the testis begins producing two hormones, testosterone and anti-Müllerian hormone, or AMH. Testosterone and one of its derivatives, dihydrotestosterone, induce formation of other organs in the male reproductive system, while AMH causes the degeneration of the Müllerian duct. In females, who do not contain the SRY protein, the ovary-forming pathway is activated by a different set of proteins. The fully developed ovary then produces estrogen, which triggers development of the uterus, oviducts, and cervix from the Müllerian duct.
Genetic Mechanisms of Sex Determination – Sex Determination in Mammals

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