fault lines earthquakes tremors shocks

Human activity triggering electric earthquakes?

fracking drilling mud water conductor earthquakesAre earthquakes triggered by the possible electric nature of earthquakes and especially electrical ‘fault lines’?

Does the fault line actually create and trigger the earthquake, not the earthquake producing fault lines?

The earth has small and large electrical energy flowing through it from Telluric Currents to other nature systems such as the weather, the sea etc.

Trigger earthquakes

natural electrical capacitors earth conductors frackingIf you change the physical properties of a fault line, if you change its electrical/magnetic nature could you start or encourage a tremor?

Would changing its electrical properties change its resistance, capacity, create an electrical breakdown or discharge? Injecting dielectrics, water, chemicals, sand …

Can humans create or change a natural Earth capacitor, diode, semi conducting diode, resistor?

Man made Earthquakes?

gas shale earthquake theory frackingDo you not even need to electromagnetically change the fault line?

Could a large enough transformation of the earths properties create an earth shock?

fracking triggering earthquakes fault linesCan human changes to the earth beneath them through mining, drilling for oil and gas, fracking, water dams trigger electric earthquakes?

Especially in intraplate earthquake areas?

fault lines earthquakes tremors shocks

dielectric earthquakes fault lines electric

human activity starting triggering earthquakes faults