Hathor cow goddess Egyptian

Hathor Cow Goddess

Hathor cow goddess EgyptianHathor is the Egyptian cow goddess. Not only is she a strange looking goddess – with female humans features mixed with large cow ears, large oval eyes and a crazy Egyptian wig or Hathor Hairdo – Hathor is also a very important ancient Egypt deity.

She is also associated with the mysterious and can be controversial Temple of Hathor in Dendera (Dendera Temple complex). This is the famous temple with the Dendera light or Dendera lighbulb.

This makes her and the surrounding mythology and imagery potentially very interesting.

Egyptian Hathor cow goddess

Hathor cow goddess Egyptian
The Egyptian goddess Hathor not only is represented as a cow but she is also depicted, carved and drawn in various other roles and features. Future posts will have a gallery of images displaying these various following imagery and powers of her. At the bottom are shown some images of Hathor mostly as a human with cow features.

The cow side of Hathor is shown with her suckling other ancient Egyptian gods, goddesses and Pharaohs from her plentiful udders.

She is also shown in shown in a number of statues as Hathor the protector when she is shown as a cow with a King between her front legs.
Hathor cow goddess Egyptian
There are also other images of Egyptian Hathor including the goddess wearing the sistrum musical instrument and also the Egyptian tomb ‘false door’ (sometimes called door to the afterlife).

And multiple Pharaoh Queens are also shown with large ears, strange eyes, Hathor wig and it seems hard to distinguish between them. Although Pharaoh Kings are sometimes or are shown with similar features?

And is Hathor sometimes shown as a more Bull type bovine goddess, or did Hathor develop into a Bull Goddess or Bull God and Bull mythology and Bull religion?

Plasma Hathor in an Electric Universe?

Hathor cow goddess Egyptian
Hathor as an actual cow figure is also painted and drawn in, above or surrounded by what are called papyrus flowers. When you combine the image of Hathor Cow in the Papyrus of Ani (The Egyptian Book of the Dead text) with the Dendera light you might come up with the idea that Hathor may be, in some way, associated with plasma phenomenon in an Electric Universe?

Or you may not get that idea at all, as most people and especially Egyptologists certainly will not.

The God King Scenario and God Electric have their own theories about the possible plasma/EU nature of Hathor. There will be an article investigating their ideas and others about what Hathor may have actually represented in EU mythology.

Cow goddess – Hathor ears, eyes and wigs

Most of these images represent or we are told represent Hathor, although I have included a few that may not be of Hathor or Egyptian but show very similar imagery.

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