Hathors epithets titles names menat necklace

A Hathor rose by any other name …

Hathors epithets titles names menat necklaceHathors epithets or titles are numerous and very varied, so much that she was called The great one of many names

What do they all mean?

What do some of them actually represent?

What was Hathor?

If she was not just a suckling cow goddess in the mad pantheon of ancient Egypt mythology but was some form of plasma mythology in an Electric Universe, then what she was known as should reflect some of her physical features and phenomenon.

These epithets for Hathor (Het Heru, Hat Herut) have been split into different possible relevant groupings. Can some be appropriate for a different section or are meant to be in another section as they have different meanings?

Goddess Hathor epithets: worship, artisans, death

Hathor epithet title names cow god ancient egypt

Thou art the Mistress of Jubilation, the Queen of the Dance, the Mistress of Music, the Queen of the Harp Playing, the Lady of the Choral Dance, the Queen of Wreath Weaving, the Mistress of Inebriety Without End.

Lady of Fragrance
Goddess of fertility, children and childbirth
Lady of the House of Jubilation
The One Who Fills the Sanctuary with Joy
Mistress of the necropolis
Mistress of Jubilation
the Queen of the Dance
the Mistress of Music
the Queen of the Harp Playing
the Lady of the Choral Dance
the Queen of Wreath Weaving
Hathors epithets titles names praise worship religion temples Denderathe Mistress of Inebriety Without End
Benefactress of Souls
Mistress of the West
Nourisher of Souls
Bringer of Prosperity
Face of Beauty
Maker of Festival
Throne of Peace
Bearer of the Systrum
Bearer of Joy
Mistress of Gladness
Inspiration of Delight
Graceful Power
Mistress of Dendera
Mistress of Turqoise
Lady of Malchite

Hathor titles: Heaven, space, plasma phenomena?

Hathors epithets titles names goddess egyptianMilk of Life
House of Heaven
Mother of Light
Lady to the limit of the universe
Lady of the West
Daughter of Re
Goddess of Heavenly Charm
The mistress of heaven / Lady of the sky
The Distant Goddess
Lady of the stars
House of Horus / Mansion of Horus
The Mothers of Mothers
The celestial nurse
The Beautiful One
Eye of Ra
Lady of the Sycamore of the South / Lady of the southern sycamore
The great wild cow
Lady of the Tomb
The golden one
Mother of Life / The mistress of life
The powerful one
Mother of All the Gods
Mistress of the desert
She who is adorned with stars
The Golden Goddess
The great one of many names