green goblins plasma gas filaments

Green goblins

green goblins plasma gas filamentsGreen goblins are massive gas filaments so distant from the main part of their galaxy (up to 30,000 light years) that how they are powered is a real puzzle.

Science suggests puzzling theoretically powerful events billions of years ago energised the gas and it is now being released (photoionization)- how else could they be glowing and emitting such huge amounts of energy when no where near their galactic centre?

Or could they be plasma filaments being powered now by a galactic circuit in an Electric Universe? Green goblin NGC 5972 even looks like a Birkeland Current.

Green goblins powered by ancient Quasers

The ethereal wisps outside the host galaxy are believed to have been illuminated by powerful ultraviolet radiation from a supermassive black hole at the core of the host galaxy.

… “However, the quasars are not bright enough now to account for what we’re seeing; this is a record of something that happened in the past,” Keel said. “The glowing filaments are telling us that the quasars were once emitting more energy, or they are changing very rapidly, which they were not supposed to do.”
Hubble Finds Phantom Objects Near Dead Quasars

green goblins shapes birkeland currents plasma

Electrically powered light filaments

These Hubble Space Telescope images reveal a set of bizarre, greenish looping, spiral, and braided shapes around eight active galaxies.

… We see these twisting dust lanes connecting to the gas

… The ghostly green structures are so far outside the galaxy that they may not light up until tens of thousands of years after the quasar outburst, and would likewise fade only tens of thousands of years after the quasar itself does. That’s the amount of time it would take for the quasar light to reach them.
Hubble Finds Phantom Objects Near Dead Quasars