ancient mythology evidence Advanced technology Antikythera mechanism

Greek mythology true? Advanced technology as evidence?

ancient mythology evidence Advanced technology Antikythera mechanismWas ancient Greek mythology true? Was it based on facts and knowledge? If they had advanced knowledge of the planets then what else did they know?

Does ancient Greek and other countries advanced ancient technology provide evidence – that the tales and stories have truth behind them?

Ancient advanced technology?

The Greeks and others appear to have advanced technology, knowledge and mechanical ability. For example the Antikythera mechanism or the Baghdad battery.

Greek mythology truth evidence Antikythera mechanismCicero, writing in the first century BC, mentions an instrument “recently constructed by our friend Poseidonius, which at each revolution reproduces the same motions of the sun, the moon and the five planets.” Archimedes is also said to have made a small planetarium, and two such devices were said to have been rescued from Syracuse when it fell in 212BC. This reconstruction suggests such references can now be taken literally.
The Antikythera mechanism – The clockwork computer

All Greek mythology to me?

Greek mythology true? Advanced technology as evidence? AntikytheraThat although the tales of Greek myth are incredible and fantastic to modern ears, eyes, minds and thinking they were told by highly reasoned and educated men? That they explained with the culture of that day what had or was happening?

How would you explain the Russian meteor event to someone if they had never seen or experienced it?

ancient planetarium technology Antikythera mechanismHow would you explain to a future generation the madness of World War 1 and WW2?

How would you tell the tale of the Boxing Day Tsunami (2004 Indian Ocean tsunami) that struck Indonesia?

The more advanced or modern a culture is the more you are likely to believe it but think of the things that happen today, that are still believed or carried out, and should are own science myths and folklore then not count?