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The Emperor’s new clothes have black holes in them!

gravitational waves not detected debunkedWas the recent Gravitational Waves event the end of most alternative science theories and especially the Electric Universe theory? YES. And no.

Surely the universal fanfare of LIGO’s results completely confirmed Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity and all the stupendously mind melting phenomena that goes with it such as black holes, dark matter, the Big Bang? YES. And no.

Especially as news articles keep mentioning that this proves and is what Albert Einstein predicted? YES. And no.

gravitational waves
The recent announcement of the first direct observation and evidence of Gravitational Waves and the merger of 2 black holes was so universally acclaimed and promoted, was such a massive landmark in astrophysics, that it could only be true. Scientists could not fake the results that would be scrutinised and peer reviewed. And they did spend months rechecking all the data. YES. And no.

But Gravity Waves are not a law, it is still a theory. Like a lot of science it is how you interpret the data. In LIGO’s case it is not just how you interpret the data it was how the whole experiment was created, filtered and reversed engineered so that only 2 results were possible. YES. And no.
Gravitational Waves
Something happened or at least fitted all the preconceived patterns, even if the models of the signals source are a puzzle. What alternative theories are there to what may have happened with the GW150914 event? Are there any different ideas about Gravitational Waves, black holes, dark stuff? At the bottom of this article there are some quotes, videos and links to people and websites that offer or suggest possible mechanics or processes into of BBH merger Gravity Waves.

Predetermined before, during, backwards and forwards

gravitational waves
It was decided by scientists, mathematical models, and science theory that the only source we could detect, with our current technology, in the universe big enough to create Gravitational Waves was the moment of merger between 2 black holes. It was predetermined that either they would find nothing or they would find binary black hole merger Gravitational Waves

What was surprising for the scientists backward engineering the accepted GW data, was that the actual strength of the signal was much stronger than the theory predicted. This has led to the calculations of the binary stars/blackholes system being outside or the theoretical models. These will now have to be changed.

Below are quotes on various topics of the LIGO Gravitational Waves event and with some of them further discussion on that topic. These topics will, over the next week, also have links to separate articles with more information on them.

The unequivocal first detection ever of gravity waves

gravitational waves
Have Gravitational Waves and black holes been directly observed and detected for the first time by the recent LIGO announcement? YES. And no.

More information quotes on observing BH’s and GW’s.

The finding completed the scientific arc of prediction, discovery and confirmation: first they calculated what they should be able to detect, then decided what the evidence should look like, and then devised the experiment that clinched the matter. Which is why on Thursday scientists around the world were able to hail the announcement as yet another confirmation of their “standard model” of the cosmos, and the beginning of a new era of discovery.

… Thursday’s announcement was the unequivocal first detection ever of gravity waves.
Gravitational waves: breakthrough discovery after a century of expectation | The Guardian

Astronomers are agreed that the only sources that LIGO might detect must involve much stronger gravity than in ordinary stars and planets. Objects where gravity is strongest and fastest-changing are the most powerful emitters of gravitational waves. The best bet is that the events involve black holes.
Gravitational waves: Einstein was right | Telegraph

Researchers use descriptions of the expected signal as templates which facilitate the extraction of the signal from LIGO’s noisy data. Since no gravitational wave signals had ever been seen before, theorists found themselves unusually relevant to the detection project – only they could provide such data analysis templates.
Gravitational Waves Discovered: Top Scientists Respond | USA News

“We found a beautiful signature of the merger of two black holes and it agrees exactly – fantastically – with the numerical solutions to Einstein equations… it looked too beautiful to be true,” said Prof Danzmann.
Einstein’s gravitational waves ‘seen’ from black holes | BBC

Reverse engineering the signal proves the theory? YES. And no.
gravitational waves
More information quotes on backwards engineering BBH’s and GW’s.

Using a handful of Einstein’s equations, scientists backtracked from the observable waves to determine what kind of astrophysical event was to blame. In this case, those equations suggested that two colliding black holes were the culprit—and that when they coalesced, they formed a new black hole, one with a little more than 60 solar masses.
Found! Gravitational Waves, or a Wrinkle in Spacetime | National Geographic

Physicists have concluded that the detected gravitational waves were produced during the final fraction of a second of the merger of two black holes to produce a single, more massive spinning black hole. This collision of two black holes had been predicted but never observed.

… Based on the observed signals, LIGO scientists estimate that the black holes for this event were about 29 and 36 times the mass of the sun, and the event took place 1.3 billion years ago. About 3 times the mass of the sun was converted into gravitational waves in a fraction of a second—with a peak power output about 50 times that of the whole visible universe.
Gravitational Waves Detected 100 Years After Einstein’s Prediction | LIGO

black holes gravitational waves space time continuim fabric

The phenomenon detected was the collision of two black holes. Using the world’s most sophisticated detector, the scientists listened for 20 thousandths of a second as the two giant black holes, one 35 times the mass of the sun, the other slightly smaller, circled around each other.

At the beginning of the signal, their calculations told them how stars perish: the two objects had begun by circling each other 30 times a second. By the end of the 20 millisecond snatch of data, the two had accelerated to 250 times a second before the final collision and a dark, violent merger.
Gravitational waves: breakthrough discovery after a century of expectation | The Guardian

We have reported the properties of GW150914 derived from a coherent analysis of data from the two LIGO detectors, based on the most accurate modelling of the coalescence signal as predicted by general relativity. We have shown that GW150914 originates from a BBH system … The final BH is more massive than any other found in the stellar-mass range.
Properties of the binary black hole merger GW150914 | LIGO (Link to PDF)

The particular pattern of brightening observed on September 14 agrees remarkably well with what Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity predicts for two massive black holes in the final moments of a death spiral.
Gravitational Waves Discovered: Top Scientists Respond | US News

Were Gravitational Waves and black holes predicted by Albert Einstein and Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity? YES. And no.
gravitational waves
It has been suggested that Albert Einstein did not initially believe in the existence of Gravitational Waves but later changed his mind on GW’s. It also been suggested that Albert Einstein never believed in the possibility that black holes existed.

It has been suggested that people using mathematical modelling and theories have used Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity to predict binary black hole Gravitational Waves, while subtly/innocently implying that Einstein personally predicted them.

More information quotes on what and what not Albert Einstein predicted.

Almost 100 years ago, in February 1916, Einstein first mentioned gravitational waves in writing. Ironically it was to say that he thought they did not exist! Within a few months he changed his mind and by 1918 had published the basis of our modern theory of gravitational waves, adequate to describe them as they pass by the Earth. However his calculation does not apply to strongly gravitating systems like a binary black hole.
Daniel Kennefick, University of Arkansas – Gravitational waves discovered—top scientists respond |

Albert Einstein first predicted gravitational waves in 1916 based on his general theory of relativity, but even he waffled about whether or not they truly exist.
Gravitational Waves Discovered from Colliding Black Holes | Scientific American

“The description of this observation is beautifully described in the Einstein theory of general relativity formulated 100 years ago and comprises the first test of the theory in strong gravitation. It would have been wonderful to watch Einstein’s face had we been able to tell him,” says Weiss … Bruce Allen, managing director of the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute), adds, “Einstein thought gravitational waves were too weak to detect, and didn’t believe in black holes. But I don’t think he’d have minded being wrong!”
Gravitational Waves Detected 100 Years After Einstein’s Prediction | LIGO

The experiment proves binary black holes? YES. And no.
gravitational waves
We can not directly observe black holes, binary black holes (BBH) and Gravitational Waves, they have to be implied by their effects on the rest of the universe. Science suggests that 95% of the Universe is dark and unobservable, only 5% of matter is seen and observed by humans. The signal detected has been reversed engineered including redshift and these calculations show the event was 1.3 billion years ago or light years away.

The calculated size and properties of the original binary star system and the binary black hole system they created were a theoretical surprise. Black hole theories will be modified to reflect this. The scientist and expert quotes say how amazingly close to the predicted theories the signal was and this is direct proof of GW’s and BH’s yet its source goes against all modern star/blackhole formation theories?

Surprisingly to non GW experts the electromagnetic frequency of the Gravitational Wave event is in the human audible range. Is there anything else, any other physical phenomena in the whole of the vast universe, that could have caused the experimental result? Anything over that 1.3 billion year journey that could possible even in the slightest chance have effected the signal?

More information quotes on proof and existence BH’s and GW’s.

Prof Stephen Hawking, who is an expert on black holes … This discovery is the first detection of a black hole binary system and the first observation of black holes merging,” he said.
Einstein’s gravitational waves ‘seen’ from black holes | BBC

This observation is truly incredible science and marks three milestones for physics: the direct detection of gravitational waves, the first observation of a binary black hole, and the most convincing evidence to-date that Nature’s black holes are the objects predicted by Einstein’s theory.
Prof Alberto Vecchio | BBC

What we know about black hole pairs so far comes from the study of the stars orbiting around them. These binary systems typically have black holes with masses five to 20 times that of the sun. But LIGO has seen two black holes with about 30 times the mass of the sun in a binary system that has finally merged. This is remarkable for several reasons. It is the first detection of two merging black holes, it is at a much greater distance than LIGO expected to find sources, and the total mass in the system is also much larger than expected.
Gravitational Waves Discovered: Top Scientists Respond | US News

This evidence absolutely proves modern science theories? YES. And no.
gravitational waves
From a mainstream science point of view, it nearly absolutely proves their basic theories are almost certainly totally correct, give or take a bit of modified stuff and the issue of quantum stuff. And the surprises and changes to current astrophysics and black hole theories that the now modelled event suggests.

Advance LIGO sensitivity and detection
gravitational waves

The apparatus is the most sensitive measuring device on the planet, and in addition to gravitational waves, can detect vibrations from passing trucks, earthquakes, lightning strikes six states away, signals from global positioning satellites, and electromagnetic pulses in Earth’s upper atmosphere. All that noise has to be filtered out to pick up the minuscule signal from gravitational waves.
Gravitational Waves Discovered from Colliding Black Holes | National Geographic

Einstein was skeptical that gravitational waves would ever be detected because the predicted waves were so weak. Einstein was right to wonder – the signal detected on September 14, 2015 by the aLIGO interferometers caused each arm of each L-shaped detector to change by only 2 billionths of a billionth of a meter, about 400 times smaller than the radius of a proton.
Gravitational Waves Discovered: Top Scientists Respond | US News

In Hanford and Livingston, vacuums run down the center of each detector’s four-kilometer arms, keeping the laser, the beam path and the mirrors as isolated as possible from the planet’s constant trembling. Not taking any chances, LIGO scientists monitor their detectors with thousands of instruments during each data run, measuring everything they can: seismic activity, atmospheric pressure, lightning, the arrival of cosmic rays, vibrations of the equipment, sounds near the laser beam, and so on. They then cleanse their data of these various sources of background noise. Perhaps most importantly, having two detectors allows them to cross-check their data, looking for coincident signals.
Gravitational Waves Discovered at Long Last | Quanta Magazine

GW150914 signal and event
gravitational waves

“The data look freaking amazing,” says astronomer Scott Ransom of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, who saw the team’s manuscript, which is published in Physical Review Letters. “Seeing the waves in the “raw” detector outputs, without any special statistical massaging, is more than almost anyone had hoped for.”
Found! Gravitational Waves, or a Wrinkle in Spacetime | National Geographic

It is the first detection of two merging black holes, it is at a much greater distance than LIGO expected to find sources, and the total mass in the system is also much larger than expected. This raises interesting questions about the stars that could have produced this system. We know massive stars die in supernovae, and most of these supernovae (probably at least 60%) produce neutron stars. The more massive stars have very large cores that collapse and are too massive to be stable neutron stars so they collapse all the way to black holes.

But a binary system with two black holes of around 30 solar masses is puzzling. We know of massive binary star systems in our own and nearby galaxies, and they have initial masses well in excess of 100 suns. But we see them losing mass through enormous radiation pressure and they are predicted, and often observed, to end their lives with masses much smaller – typically about ten times the sun.

If the LIGO object is a pair of 30 solar mass black holes, then the stars that formed it must have been at least as massive. Astronomers will be asking – how can massive stars end their lives so big and how can they create black holes so massive? As well as the gravitational wave discovery, this remarkable result will affect the rest of astronomy for some time.
Gravitational Waves Discovered: Top Scientists Respond | US News

When black holes spiral toward each other and merge, they emit a “chirp”: space-time ripples that grow higher in pitch and amplitude before abruptly ending. The chirps that LIGO can detect happen to fall in the audible range, although they are far too quiet to be heard by the unaided ear. You can re-create the sound by running your finger along a piano’s keys. “Start from the lowest note on the piano and go to middle C,” Weiss said. “That’s what we hear.”
Gravitational Waves Discovered at Long Last | Quanta Magazine

Future wave upon wave of Gravitational Waves
What is interesting in the future is what else they will detect. As the technology gets more advance, more scientists are employed on more projects to detect Gravitational Waves, more technology companies are paid more money to create the instruments, more careers are investing in finding GW’s, the more Gravitational Waves and GW sources they will find.

They will detect more moments of mergers of black holes, they will observe the GW’s before and after the merger moment, they will find other things like Neutron stars or Supernova (exploding stars) creating Gravitational Waves. Will they eventually find to many sources for Gravitational Waves?

Perhaps similar to Gamma Ray Bursts (GRB’s) that are so large they can only be due to a source outside the solar system but in reality evidence seems to show they may be closer and therefore lower energy than science theory suggests?

More information quotes on detecting black hole gravity wave projects.

During Advanced LIGO’s next observing campaign, it is predicted to detect five more black hole mergers like GW150914, and to detect 40 binary star mergers each year, in addition to an unknown number of more exotic gravitational wave sources, some of which may not be anticipated by current theory.
First observation of gravitational waves | Wikipedia

Physicists are already surprised by the number and strength of the signals detected so far, which imply that there are more black holes out there than expected.
Gravitational Waves Discovered: Top Scientists Respond | US News

$1 billion peer reviewed careers and pensions
gravitational waves
The original LIGO experiment and observatories were a complete failure with a confidence of sigma level 8. So obviously more funding was invested in it as binary black hole Gravitaty Wave systems have to exist. But they have now been proved correct to spend all that money …

And now with its success how much more publicly funded projects and scientific careers will be spent investigating Gravitational Waves in all their theoretical splendour?

“There are people who’ve put their entire life into this search, and there are people who died before having a chance to see anything,” says LIGO team member Szabolcs Márka, a physicist at Columbia University. “It’s really a wonderful feeling that you have validated the investment of the tremendous amount of work.

LIGO began its first run in 2002, and hunted through 2010 without finding any gravitational waves. The scientists then shut down the experiment and upgraded nearly every aspect of the detectors, including boosting the power of the lasers and replacing the mirrors, for a subsequentrun, called Advanced LIGO, that began officially on September 18, 2015 … Advanced LIGO is already about three times more sensitive than the initial LIGO, and is designed to become about 10 times more sensitive than the first iteration in the next few years … More than 1,000 scientists work on the $1-billion LIGO experiment, which is funded by the National Science Foundation.
Gravitational Waves Discovered from Colliding Black Holes | National Geographic

A space based observatory, the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna, is currently under development by ESA.
Gravitational Waves | Wikipedia

Does GW150914 destroy the Electric Universe theory? YES. And no.
The EU theory and especially the Thunderbolts EU theory appears to disagree with parts of (or perhaps all?) of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, Gravitational Waves and black holes.

If you agree with the experiments conclusions then it seems to be experimental evidence and proof that the ‘space’ side of Electric Universe theory is wrong. The EU plasma mythology and comparative mythology part still might still survive?

While those scientists spend their lives looking for black holes and gravitational waves, let’s review what this all means in an Electric Universe.

Absolutely nothing, except a huge and needless expense. Electric Universe does not recognize General Relativity as anything more than a concept unhinged from reality. It is like a topographical map one uses to describe the shape of a mountain. It may seem to describe the shape, but it tells you nothing about where the mountain is, what lives on it, what it’s made of, or how it got there.

The General Theory of Relativity cannot even explain what gravity is.
Eleven Years Looking For Nada | Thunderbolts TPOD

What? Gravity? Waves? Black Holes? Alternative theories?

gravitational waves
Something happened, something was observed, something was detected. What the source was, what actually happened, why it actually happened and what it means depends on your interpretation and theory.

The LIGO team and scientists all around the world spent months working and checking the aLIGO (Advanced LIGO) signal and their calculations, computer models etc. With an announcement of this magnitude they had to be certain that it was not a false positive or a hacked signal inserted into the experimental data.

But if it was not the first detection and observation of Gravitational Waves and black holes what was it?

Others, most not scientists or involved in the LIGO team, have ideas and theories of what it was or what happened. Certainly opinions about what it was not. Below are a few links to videos, discussions or articles about alternative theories or explanations of what GW150914 (Gravitational Wave 2015-09-14) may have been. As a follower of the EU theory most of these will involve the Electric Universe theory or electromagnetic theories.

Gravity Waves discovered? NOPE, Simplex Electromagnetic Phase Rarefaction/Retardation
Gravitational Waves

They make correct observations but incorrect conclusions and explanations, which is a huge fallacy of science. You can observe anything and you can reproduce the results .. you can say since I also made the discovery therefore my explanation is also correct.

Their observations are just simplex high order light capacitance phase EM retardation. electromagnetic retardation a very classical theory that belongs to Tesla, Faraday, Steinmetz, Oliver Heaviside and James Clerk Maxwell and has nothing to do with Gravity Waves.
Gravity Waves discovered? NOPE, Simplex Electromagnetic Phase Rarefaction/Retardation | Theoria Apophasis

Electric Universe – plasmoids and neutrinos?
The Electric Universe theory would naturally have to deny the LIGO claims and should at least start to try to come up with an alternative theory and explanation. Wallace Thornhill of the Thunderbolts Project does in the video below of which the long summary below is from.

Some would call this more a theory of funding, not gravitational waves, but gravy waves. The more sensational the headlines, the more news media attention and funding potential.

Some incredibly detailed claims are made to the effect that the signal originated in the last fraction of a second before the fusion of two black holes somewhere in the southern sky. It is said, based on computer modelling, that the black holes joined about 1.3 billion years ago and their mass was 29 and 36 times greater than the Sun.

None of these claims can be substantiated. A mathematical computer model is not real evidence of those claims.

… The first hurdle was easy to jump and that’s the one that shows the signal detected can have nothing to do with gravity. There are 2 ‘L’ shaped LIGO detectors each about 2.5 miles or 4km long. One in Hanford, Washington, the other in Livingston, Louisiana. The two instruments are 1800 miles or 3000 km apart, and since both obtained the same reading, scientists consider their discovery confirmed. The important thing to note is that the signals did not arrive at the same time in each instrument. But as Newtons law of gravity demands and simple observation confirms, time isn’t involved.

… So if the LIGO’s signals were caused by gravitational disturbance, both detectors should have received it at the same instant. They didn’t; so the signal has nothing to do with gravity. Then what could the signal mean?

… The problem is that gravitational dogma doesn’t equip theorists to deal with the colossal energies and unrealistic mass concentration required by the theorized black holes. What can succeed, without stretching either spacetime or credulity, is the most concentrated form of stored electromagnetic energy known to science, a plasmoid. According to the foundational principal itself E=mc2 concentrated energy is equivalent to concentrated mass. So if not due to gravity, what might the LIGO chirp be?

… So the results obtained critically depend on our understanding of light being correct, but here again Einstein did away with Maxwell’s aether medium without explaining how an electromagnetic wave could travel through nothing. You cannot wave nothing!

It is remarkable that Einstein ignored the fact that the vacuum is known to have the properties of a dielectric medium. There is no perfect vacuum devoid of matter.

The Electric Universe proposes that the dielectric medium of the vacuum is a plenum of neutrinos, which like all subatomic particles must have internal structure which distorts to form electric dipoles when exposed to an electric field.

Of course the designers of the experiment didn’t consider the neutrinos occupy the space inside those 4km arms. There is no way of removing them or keeping them out, they pass through the Earth as if it weren’t there.

Now a linear chirp signal is well known to acoustic and radio engineers. It could signify wave pattern imprinted at the source of the burst of neutrinos. Or it could be due to a wave front moving at an angle across the boundary between two different media.

In any case, a wave front moving across the LIGO arms will generally affect each arm differently due to simple geometry, giving rise to a slight difference in the velocity of light in each arm, and producing an oscillatory output signal that’s mistaken for movement of the test masses.

Whatever the answer, the results of the LIGO experiment have nothing to do with the imagined gravitational waves.
Wal Thornhill: An Examination of “Gravitational Waves” | Thunderbolts Space News

Thunderbolts forum discussion on the LIGO Gravity Waves
Some ideas and suggestions from the Thunderbolts Project forum discussion on Gravity Waves.

I wonder though…what is the difference between this experiment (LIGO) and the Michelson-Morley experiment. They are both interferometers (laser) and the LIGO is just a LOT bigger than MM. So doesn’t this experiment prove aether? Isn’t this the result that they were looking for while looking for aether with MM experiment?
Post by Xantos

Could an electromagnetic event cause so-called “gravitational lensing” and other black-hole-related phenomena, AND also create something they might perceive as gravitational waves?
Yes. The “lensing” that they see in space is just Plasma in different modes.
Post by Zyxzevn

A solar flare triggers a small change in the magnetic field.
The field triggers the Aharonov–Bohm effect which changes the phase of the signal in the direction of the magnetic field potential. This effect ignores any shielding.
Bingo: we have a gravity wave.
This can not be avoided in any means. The phase changes when the beam goes through a higher energy potential, so going back does not change the phase back again (it increases the phase change instead).

Looking at the signal it seems that the hanford detector received a slightly bigger signal. And that the signal
is not purely sinusoid, more like a saw-tooth. A signal that is more common in electrical systems than gravity systems.
Post by Zyxzevn

But you’ll note that the mass estimate range for that something according to the mainstream papers (like ) is as low as 40,000 suns. That’s well within the envelope of what a plasmoid might be, I suspect. It doesn’t have to be a black hole.
Post by BeAChooser

A New Model for Chorus Wave Chirp in the Earth’s Magnetosphere

FYI, my money is on this being an ordinary EM “chirp” from the magnetosphere. The signal sure has all the earmarks of an electromagnetic chirp from high in the atmosphere, and the magnetosphere-ionosphere region tends to emit these very same frequencies.
Post by Michael Mozina

Miles Mathis Gravity Waves of Propaganda article

They needed the phenomenon to fade so that it fit what they were finding in the LIGO antennae. That motion was tiny, and nearer examples of gravity waves would create larger motions. To say it another way, to get a collision of black holes to chirp with the same strength as an electron being hit by a laser, you have to take your black holes out to an incredible distance …

If you study the published diagrams, you find they are reporting a signal peak at around 128 Hz and a strain of 10 -21. Again, that strain is so small you should find it highly curious. It puts the signal way down at the quantum level.

That strain is a very odd place to look for gravity waves and black hole collisions, and it should look highly suspicious to you. It is simply the wrong level of size to look for anything to do with gravity or black holes. Intuitively, you would look for atomic wobbles or quantum fluctuations at that level of size, not gravity waves or star collisions. In fact, from the strain alone we can tell that the signal isn’t caused by any motion of the mirrors as a whole: it is caused by motion within the mirrors. It is basically a signal of the light interacting with the electrons themselves.

If you haven’t thought about it, ask yourself why the L-shape is necessary? Why would they need to create a gigantic interferometer to detect gravity waves? Gravity is not an electromagnetic effect, of course, so it has no perpendicular component.
Gravity Waves of Propaganda | Miles Mathis (link to PDF)

Thunderbolts Picture Of the Day article

It is assumption upon assumption, building theories on the backs of other theories that can provide no experimental evidence. LIGO is not announcing some new principle of physics, it is announcing the confirmation of computer models fashioned according to presumptions. If black holes do not exist, there is no gravity wave detection.

What was detected? Seismic noise is a problem because the detector is near an interstate highway and a rail line. When trains went by, the interferometer was knocked out. Nearby logging is also a continuing problem. The team claims that dampening and filtering systems solved those issues. The laser mirrors deteriorated, requiring two of them to be removed and replaced. Wasps made nests in the beam tubes. Their waste caused a leak in the vacuum system. The wasps were evicted. The point here is that LIGO is a device concept that is rife with potentially fatal flaws. Were all of those flaws, as well as others fully rectified?
Wave Bye-Bye | Thunderbolts TPOD

Stephen Crothers

Einstein’s gravitational waves do not have a unique speed of propagation. The speed of the alleged waves is coordinate dependent. A different set of coordinates yields a different speed of propagation. Einstein and his followers deliberately choose a set of coordinates that gives the speed of propagation as that of light in vacuum. There is no a priori reason why this particular set of coordinates is better than any other. The sole reason for their choice is to obtain the desired result. Such a method has no validity in science.

… It immediately follows as a consequence of this that the total energy of Einstein’s gravitational field is always zero, and so it is impossible for his gravitational energy to be localised, i.e. Einstein gravitational waves do not exist. Moreover, it follows that Einstein’s field equations violate the usual conservation of energy and momentum for a closed system, putting them into direct conflict with the experimental evidence on an even deeper level.
LIGO, LISA Destined to Detect Nothing | Stephen J Crothers (link to PDF)

The insurmountable problem for the credibility of LIGO’s claims is the questionable character of the theoretical assumptions upon which they are based. In this paper various arguments are presented according to which the basic theoretical assumptions, and the consequential claims of detecting gravitational waves, are proven false. The apparent detection by the LIGO-Virgo Collaborations is not related to gravitational waves or to the collision and merger of black holes.
A Critical Analysis of Ligo’s Recent Detection of Gravitational Waves Caused by Merging Black Holes | Stephen J Crothers

More from an external source on Stephen Crothers and his paper on the subject of The Schwarzschild solution and its implications for gravitational waves (link to PDF).

Wallace Thornhill on black holes and the Electric Universe theory
Wal Thornhill is one of the leading investigators into the EU theory and helped set up the Thunderbolts Project which is the official site of the unofficial EU theory.

The question for the Electric Universe is therefore: If black holes don’t exist, how do we explain recent observations at the center of our own Milky Way?

The well-established study of plasma cosmology shows that galaxies are an electrical phenomenon. It has been found that filaments, arcs, and shells characterize the small-scale structure of molecular gas in the Galactic Center. They are all well-documented electrodynamic plasma configurations. A single charged particle in 10,000 neutral gas molecules is sufficient to have the gas behave as plasma, where electromagnetic forces dominate. Conventional theorists admit to “no plausible explanations either for the origin of the complex kinematics or for most of the peculiar features.”
The Black Hole at the Heart of Astronomy | Holoscience

The Electric Universe model assumes that Nature knows best. It does not require strange matter or a strange star. The x-ray pulses are caused by regular electric discharges between two or more orbiting, normally constituted, electrically charged bodies. It is a manifestation of a periodic arc instead of a spinning star. If beaming of the radiation is occurring then that should be verifiable here on Earth in the lab by studying the plasma focus device.

The Electric Universe model lets go of the Newtonian dogma that gravity is the driving force in the cosmos. It allows for the possibility that the fundamental characteristic of normal matter – its electric charge – plays the most significant role. So if gravity wave telescopes detect anything at all, it won’t be gravity waves from super-heavy objects. And particle physicists who are trying to work out how the universe was constructed from strange matter early in the Big Bang are wasting their time. The astronomer Halton Arp, author of the Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies, has conclusively disproven the theory of an expanding universe and so knocked out the foundation of the Big Bang theory.
Strange Star or Strange Science? | Holoscience

Anthony Patch – Wrong. No gravity waves. Magnetism yes.
At the moment this is about the only other video or article arguing against this proof of Gravity Waves. The chap who it is about, Anthony Patch, seems to believe in an Electric Universe. The youtube video and linked sites might be described as crackpot conspiracy theory.

Yesterdays announcement of proof of gravitational waves is pure nonsense. Just as black holes are nonsense. The universe is composed of electrically charged particles and plasma. Thus, what mainstream science labels as gravity, gravity waves and graviton particles is at a minimum misleading to the public. At worse deliberate covering up of the truth as to how the universe and our understanding of its mechanics described by modern day physics and science in general.
Forget FAKE Gravitational Waves! We Live In An Electric Universe!