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Gravitational Waves or Electric Universe Waves?

What are the alternative theories for the LIGO announcement of Gravitational Waves detection due to the merger of a Binary Black Hole system?

The LIGO Gravity Wave signal (GW 150914) was the shape they were looking for but it was much larger than expected. This meant that after the months of backwards engineering the 0.2 second signal and also rechecking everything as it was such a momentous announcement, the findings about the BBH system were a currently theoretical surprise (impossible).

The Thunderbolts official Electric Universe theory suggests that Black Holes along with dark stuff (dark energy, dark matter etc) do not exist. They are a theory, mathematical computer model creation to balance the multiple theory equations that do not work without the mysterious dark stuff. That previously can not be directly observed or measured, but must be there.

While the EU theory proposes that Back Hole merger Gravity Waves have not been detected for the first time, it should at least start to suggest alternative theories for the source of the signal and what the signal might be.

Alternative Gravitational Waves signal source

Below are a starting list of some alternative theories and ideas about what could have possibly been the source of the LIGO signal and the GW/BBH event. These will most likely be EU theory based but may include other electromagnetic alternatives.

LIGO perfect for geomagnetically induced currents

gravitional waves geomagnetic source Bibhas De
Bibhas De, controversial scientist against many accepted science theories such as the Big Bang Cosmology, has commented on the LIGO GW’s discovery.

LIGO is a combination of two 2 km long stainless steel tubes perpendicular to each other that sit horizontally in an open field – a perfect system in which to induce electric currents from geomagnetic disturbances. The tubes also sit in the Earth’s magnetic field. So the currents generate imperceptible stresses in or jitters of the tubes. But it is precisely such tiny effects that the instrument is designed to detect with unltrahigh sensitivity.

This is what happened. LIGO is (unintentionally) a very fine receiver of the common garden variety of “sudden electromagnetic disturbances” in certain range. But there is clear documented evidence showing the LIGO scientists themselves know nothing about this possibility in their instruments
LIGO gravitational waves discovery | Bibhas De

gravitional waves alternative theories theory ideas
Looking at the space weather (solar weather, geomagnetic disturbances) for around the 14th September 2015 period, when the LIGO Gravity Wave was detected, there were geomagnetic disturbances on that day. It built up from quite on 13 September, more geomagnetic disturbances on 14 September, then noteworthy minor G1 level of geomagnetic disturbances on 15 September 2015.

Geomagnetic disturbances (GMD) occur when solar storms on the sun’s surface send electrically charged particles toward earth, where they interact with earth’s magnetic field. This interaction potentially has implications for the nation’s high-voltage transmission grid. GMD can send geomagnetically induced currents (GIC) through transmission lines, potentially through transformers and into the earth through ground connections.
Geomagnetic Disturbances | American Electric Power

An armful of Neutrinos or wave fronts

Gravitational Waves electric universe theory eu
Wallace Thornhill of the Thunderbolts Project has released a video on this subject (see below). You can read a full text version of the the talk. Thornhill states a couple of EU theory arguments about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity – Einstein removed Maxwell’s aether – how does an electromagnetic wave such as light travel through nothing?
EU theory suggests vacuum has neutrinos in it – found inside LIGO arms?

Gravitational Waves wallace thornhill Neutrinos or wave fronts

Now a linear chirp signal is well known to acoustic and radio engineers. It could signify wave pattern imprinted at the source of the burst of neutrinos. Or it could be due to a wave front moving at an angle across the boundary between two different media.

In any case, a wave front moving across the LIGO arms will generally affect each arm differently due to simple geometry, giving rise to a slight difference in the velocity of light in each arm, and producing an oscillatory output signal that’s mistaken for movement of the test masses.
Wal Thornhill: An Examination of “Gravitational Waves” | Thunderbolts Space News

Possible alternative Electric Universe sources for GW150914

Gravitational Waves
These are possible alternative theories for the LIGO Gravity Wave 150914. If you know or can think of any other alternative ideas then please post them in a comment below or contact the site.

The discharge of a space plasma double layer?
Could an event involving the discharge of a double layer of plsma (DL) be responsible?

Double layers in space should be classified as a new type of celestial object (one example is the double radio sources). It is tentatively suggested that x-ray and gamma ray bursts may be due to exploding double layers (although annihilation is an alternative energy source).
Double Layers in Astrophysics (Hannes Alfvén)

A Gamma Ray Burst was detected in the same vicinity of the sky as the LIGO Gravity Wave 150914 and just a fraction of a second after the GW event.

The Gamma-Ray Burst Monitor instrument on the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope detected a weak gamma-ray burst above 50 keV that started 0.4 seconds after the LIGO event and had a positional uncertainty region that overlapped that of the LIGO observation. Although it is not certain that the two observations are from the same event, nor that the GBM event is not noise, the Fermi team calculates the odds of that being a coincidence at only 0.22%.
Simultaneous gamma-ray observation – First observation of gravitational waves | Wikipedia

Due to Gravity Universe theory of redshift the Gamma-Ray Bursts are normally galactic distances away. This means that any EMF signal detected from a GRB is reversed engineered so the source has to have been massive.

Perhaps some Gamma-Ray Bursts are actually much closer to our planet or from our planets magnetosphere? So a less energetic event and object is needed?

They have discovered that gamma-ray bursts – the most powerful explosions of energy in the Universe – are far more common on Earth than was thought. Data from Nasa’s Fermi satellite shows that all storms produce the blasts and an estimated 1,100 occur each day.

… Until recently, it was thought that gamma-ray bursts were only found in deep space … The pulses of high-energy light are hurled out when giant stars explode or black holes or neutron stars merge.
Gamma-ray bursts ‘common in storms’ | BBC

Oh no! Missing Neutrinos!
The Electric Universe theory and the standard solar model (accepted Sun theory) have an infamous history of missing neutrinos. So anything involving them is always going to be disagreed and argued over with each side seeming to absolutely know and have proof they are correct. Depending on interpretation.

There seemed to be a case of missing neutrinos or extra neutrinos and a neutrino source for the GW signals location in the sky.

The reconstructed source area was targeted by follow-up observations covering radio, optical, near infra-red, X-ray, and gamma-ray wavelengths along with searches for coincident neutrinos. However, because LIGO had not yet started its science run, notice to other telescopes was delayed.

The ANTARES telescope detected no neutrino candidates within ±500 seconds of GW150914. The IceCube Neutrino Observatory detected three neutrino candidates within ±500 seconds of GW150914. One event was found in the southern sky and two in the northern sky. This was consistent with the expectation of background detection levels. None of the candidates were compatible with the 90% confidence area of the merger event. Although no neutrinos were detected, the lack of such observations provided a limit on neutrino emission from this type of gravitational wave event.

Observations by the Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Mission of nearby galaxies in the region of the detection, two days after the event, did not detect any new X-ray, optical or ultraviolet sources.
Other follow-up observations – First observation of gravitational waves | Wikipedia

Electric Universe EM chirps

black hole mergers electric universe theory
An Electric Universe would have lots of EM activity, circuits and perhaps chirps. It would be and is expected. Even the Gravity Universe has a lot of EMF and EM chirps, although the origin and how they were created is very different depending on the theory used to interpret them.

If EM chirps are being produced by events in our locality (planet, solar system, galaxy) then their backward engineered total energy release will be much lower than if they are 100’s or 1000’s of light years away.

Earth EM chirp
rubbish in rubbish out
Could the EM chirp source be from one part of the Earth’s Global Electric Circuit?

A New Model for Chorus Wave Chirp in the Earth’s Magnetosphere

FYI, my money is on this being an ordinary EM “chirp” from the magnetosphere. The signal sure has all the earmarks of an electromagnetic chirp from high in the atmosphere, and the magnetosphere-ionosphere region tends to emit these very same frequencies.
Michael Mozina – Gravity Waves | Thunderbolts forum

Gravitational Waves Gravity Wave alternatiive

what’s known as a pulsating aurora – a very common, but hard to see, weak aurora that blinks on and off up to 12 times per minute in the night sky … The sound is of something no one knew was connected to these auroras until recently: a special kind of electromagnetic wave some 40,000 km higher in Earth’s magnetosphere called a chorus wave, since it sounds like birds chirping when played through a speaker.
Behold: A Chirping, Pulsating Norwegian Aurora | NASA

Solar system or solar EM chirp
Solar activity?