jupiter Grand Tack Hypothesis scenario

Grand Tack för Hypothesis

As outlandish as it seems, years ago the Grand Tack Hypothesis would have been sailing dangerously close to the wind of fringe science scenarios.

current models of solar system formation also indicate that Jupiter formed farther out from its current position. In what is known as the Grand Tack Hypothesis, Jupiter migrated towards the sun and settled into its current position by roughly 4 billion years ago. This migration, it has been argued, could have resulted in the destruction of the earlier planets in our solar system – which may included Super-Earths closer to the sun.
Formation and Migration – Does Jupiter have a solid core? | Phys org

Hat tip and Grand Tack för Hypothesis Immanuel Velikovsky?

One example is the ‘grand tack’ scenario, which posits that in the first few million years of our solar system’s existence Jupiter migrated into and then back out of the inner solar system, following a course similar to a sailboat’s when it tacks around a buoy. Back then Jupiter would have still been embedded in a gas-rich disk.

jupiter Grand Tack Hypothesis scenarioMuch of that gas was spiraling down toward the sun—so much that the action would have sapped some of Jupiter’s angular momentum, too, causing the giant planet itself to spiral in to the vicinity of where Mars is today. Jupiter would have kept falling in toward the sun if not for being caught by the subsequent formation of Saturn, which began drifting in as well. As the two giant planets came closer together, they were caught in an orbital resonance. This resonance expelled all the gas between them, gradually reversing their death spirals and causing them to ‘tack’ back out to the outer solar system.

As outlandish as it seems, the physical mechanisms underlying the grand tack hypothesis are sound and there are good reasons to suspect it took place.
Jupiter, Destroyer of Worlds, May Have Paved the Way for Earth | Scientific American

All the planets in our solar system enjoyed The Grand Tour, Grand Migration, Grand Natural Gap, Grand Nice Model, Grand Tack Scenario?

The Grand Tack idea holds that Jupiter and Saturn migrated toward the sun shortly after they formed, then headed back out toward the outer solar system once again. These movements would have swept lots of material up from Mars’ neck of the cosmic woods or scattered it away.

… Interestingly, both of these ideas — Grand Tack and “natural gap” — posit that Mars first began taking shape at around 1 AU, near Earth’s present orbital position, Chambers adds. Gravitational interactions then pushed the Red Planet outward to its current location, where the lack of raw material stunted its growth.
Astronomers Say New ‘Natural Gap’ Theory May Explain Why Mars Is Smaller Than Earth | Huffington Post

The Grand End or start of the Jupiter and Saturn Configuration?

The end of the Grand Tack model: Jupiter and Saturn migrate outwards in resonance. Catch Uranus and Neptune in resonance. 600 kyrs for planets to finish migrating and obtain full masses
The Grand Tack Hypothesis: A low mass for Mars from Jupiter’s early gas-driven migration (link to PDF)