Electric Universe geology tour 2016

Tour day 4: Snow Canyon and the Virgin River

Electric Universe theory geology tour America 2016What would, what could geology and the tour itinerary provide that we had not already seen?

Things at this stage were getting a little hazy in various ways, hopefully the photos and locations are correct.

The good news was that the only thing finally not hazy was the blue skies, meaning decent photography light, but there was still that long distance fire ash haze in the atmosphere. What would it have been like when dust and debris from catastrophe was in our atmosphere.

This day of the Electric Universe geology tour 2016 had a lot distance to cover through terrain that kept changing and having interesting local features like raised ridges and areas of or missing rock. The route was along the Virgin River area that it supposedly eroded out.

We visited a mountain that should or should not have been there (or was it the lowest level of the Colorado Plateau’s strata?) and Andreas and Neil helped explain the problems this posses for geology and possible solutions through EU geology.

Snow Canyon

Snow Canyon is remarkable in its variety of geological features including colours, compositions, strata that include a monstrous petrified sand dune made of White Navajo Sandstone.

There was so much here that it can not all be mentioned or shown.

One very interesting surprise was an almost meteor looking black rock in the middle and on top of the sand in the colourful sandstone landscape. The rock seemed pitted, almost fried or melted, very different to the darker rocks observed in the area.

Another feature were areas of rock tubes, pipes, flows going over the top or through the various types of different material.

Lake Mead

Like a water bolt out of the blue Lake Mead suddenly appears as an amazing blue in a land of blistering hot white whites, oranges, reds and even blacks.

The different colours in the rocks layers and the incredible straight dividing lines was great to see.

Hoover Dam

Due to certain dodgy characters on the tour there was a meeting about visiting the Hoover Dam. Some of the group did a drive by of the Hoover Dam while the others headed straight off to the Railroad Pass Hotel & Casino. In the Casino you could get free beer, if you were gambling, that you had to tip a dollar for.

A bonus at the Hoover Dam was the geology on show, the stark contrast between white and brown rock.