Electric Universe geology tour Bryce Canyon

Tour day 3: Zion Canyon and Bryce Canyon

Electric Universe geology tour Zion National ParkOn an Electric Universe geology tour can you beat visiting Meteor Crater and the Grand Canyon in one day?

Day 3 of the tour started by continuing the discussions on what we had seen the previous day but very soon and by the end of the day it was a general consensus that perhaps Zion Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Cedar Breaks had surpassed them? Every day of the tour was providing geology formations, vista’s and possibilities that seemed to be very different and better than the previous.

Zion Canyon

Zion Canyon destroyed any ideas I previously had about large scale and mountainous EU geology.

The shapes and curves of the canyon cliffs, valleys were mind blowing. The layering and markings puzzling. The huge mountains near small hills awe inspiring. Long term deposition? Instadeposition? Sloshing? Transmutation? Vortex geology?

In Zion National Park more of Steinbacher’s ashes were appropriately spread in such an amazing geology location.

Bryce Canyon

Is there anywhere else on planet Earth like Bryce Canyon? Absolutely stunning.

One essential thing when on a geology tour is to actually listen to the details about any walks suggested. The Navajo Loop Trail is a walk that descends from Sunset Point down into the Bryce Canyon floor. The walk starts from Sunset Point, it does not finish at Sunset Point. It is a zig-zag walk and what goes down must come up.

The different layers of material seem to alternate in a repeated pattern and as you descended looked to be get harder and larger from grains to almost large stones, especially the last red layer near the floor. After this there is the very soft layers that is almost like Malta’s Greensand and Blue Clay. Why is this layer still so soft when the layers above it are much harder?

After recovering from the hike up and down we then visited Cedar Breaks which is the same as Bryce Canyon but smaller. With those fascinating Hoodoos all over the place. Cedar Breaks National Monument is over 10,000 feet (3,000 meters) above sea level and the canyon floor is over half a mile below.

Same geology or same electric process or event?

After Cedar Breaks we travelled to our nights accommodation at Stratford Court in Cedar City, and found a good eatery and drinkery called Sonny Boy’s BBQ that more importantly served beer.