EU electric universe theory geology tour

EU geology tour – USA – June 2016

EU electric universe theory geology tourThere will be an Electric Universe theory geology tour in the USA from 20 – 25 June 2016 mainly around Arizona. Just after the 2016 Thunderbolts conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

This type of EU geology tour was previously run by Michael Steinbacher, who died last year. This years Electric geology tour is being held a a tribute to Michael Steinbacher after the Thunderbolts USA conference.

It is hoped that this Electric Universe geology tour will happen each year around the EU conference dates. This year it will be operated by Mark Spann, Julian West and Andreas Otte.

EU geology tour 2016 information

eu geology electric universe theory grand canyon meteor crater
It will be a road trip mainly around Arizona including the Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater, other amazing geology features formations and petroglyphs in this stunning part of North America.

The tours cost starts at $110 and you need to pay for other things such as your nightly accommodation etc. More tour information including itinerary and who to contact to book your seat.

Live in America or hiring your own vehicle when attending the Thunderbolts conference? You can also join in the Electric Geology tour fun and follow the route in your own vehicle.

You can watch the free video below of Michael Steinbacher’s plasma geology ideas and models which include a lot of places that the geology tour will visit, including the Grand Canyon. The video is called Plasma Catastrophist Geology and was presented on Steinbacher’s behalf by Andreas Otte at the 2015 Thunderbolts Project conference in Phoenix, Arizona.
eu geology plasma immanuel velikovsky Michael Steinbacher America USA
This video is a bit slow to start with but has very interesting content.