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Tour day 2: Meteor Crater, Grand Canyon, Vermilion Cliffs

The site visits of the 2016 EU geology tour started with the re-arranged itinerary to now include the big guns of Meteor crater and the Grand Canyon on the same day.

A general thought was that while brilliant to be visiting these in the same day, would they not over shadow the rest of the geology locations and make the other sites seem a bit low key?

As we got closer to Meteor crater there appeared to be lumps of red sandstone formations including hoodoos, flatter boulders, low banks almost like miniture table top mountains hills or buttes. Red seems to be an Electric Geology marker. Were they due to normal erosion/outcropping, ejecta material from Meteor Crater, transmutation of local material etc?

Meteor crater

Meteor crater is nothing like you would expect. You could drive past it without knowing it as it hardly rises out of the landscape.

From the viewing gantries the right hand side is the most interesting. With an small area of almost wave like strata including coloured red rock. Some rock and material around the pathways also appears to be more vertical, some transformed, some with plating and conversion of surface material.

The tilted rock seems to show some form of blast pushing up certain strata layers. But what type of blast? Impact from a meteor? Plasma discharge blast? Lots of discussion and disagreement on what had happened at the Barringer Crater.

Geology even suggests that the rock strata around the rim has been flipped over and that is why it is inverted, similar to rocks found after some nuclear blasts. Perhaps Billy Yelverton or diveflyfish could carry out a micro nuclear bomb blast to confirm this?

The Grandest of Canyons

Then on to the Grand Canyon and while approaching it, on the edges of the some of the hills around the Grand Canyon area there seems to be areas of triangles on the hill sides. Erosion or harmonics as described by Andy Halls Arc Blast theory?

The massive number of forest fires in the west of the USA before and during the tour seemed to have created a permanent haze, combined with light white cloud cover this made long distance photographs difficult and virtually pointless. The Grand Canyon is truly amazing but no photo is worth a 1000 words in this instance.

How could the Colorado river erode all that material, not silt up with the sediment and still flow for 100,000’s of years? If it was formed by a combination of natural geological events combined with EU geology then was it just one EU event or multiple? Andreas Otte, Bruce Leybourne, Neil Thompson and others discussed it, while I and perhaps others were silenced by the magnitude of it all. Read more of Michael Steinbacher’s formation of the Grand Canyon ideas and other locations on the tour.

A really annoying thing about the Grand Canyon tourist drive is that you can drive around its rim, be only 30 yards away from it but due to the amount of trees between the road and the rim you can not see any of it until you stop off at an official viewing spot. No wonder trees get burnt down accidentally.

A wonderful little ceremony was held here to spread some of Michael Steinbacher’s ashes, with heart felt words of remembrance, celebration and laughter.

A 40 minute wait just to be seated in the restaurant, the things the organisers had to try to sort out, meant we had to change plans again. We left the Grand Canyon and ate on the way at an Indian trading post restaurant that had lots of plasma mythology artwork with the Squatter Man and the Chain of Arrows. Also, a number of Plasma stick man variations were part of the local new bridge design.

That was surely it for the highlight of the day and the tour? You can not beat the Grand Canyon and its area …

Vermilion Cliffs and Big Water bootleggers

Electric Universe theory geology tour Vermilion Cliffs
Driving along to our nights accommodation there started to appear small mounds, tiny isolated ‘rolling hills’, rounded dollops of different coloured material. They were initially so small they almost looked like man made dumps of aggregates. In the far hazy distance, no where near these hillocks, was a line of hills or cliffs.

Some of these mounds looked similar in colour and texture to the Greensand and Blue Clay of the small Mediterranean islands of Malta and Gozo.

Then the multicoloured, multi structure, multi breath taking Vermilion Cliffs proper came closer and appeared in all their majesty as the sun was setting. Totally different geological features to the Grand Canyon and spectacular in their own individual formations.

A couple of geological formations close to each other had their sides that looked like the plasma mythology chain of arrows or stacked toruses. Erosion, harmonics or a natural geometric shape?

Then we climbed up the cliff and into the ‘road cut’ through the cliffs themselves, with the angled layered strata as Neil Thompson described that Micheal Steinbacher had predicted. Once through the cliffs it seemed like we had entered a totally different environment.

And it sort of was as we were into Utah and a very dry Mormon state, meaning not just the weather but also very few places served the alcohol. In once instant we were now bootlegging a small supply of alcohol into the wonderful High Desert Lodge in Big Water, Utah. Very friendly owners, superb ‘themed rooms’ (just not updated since the 1970’s?) including bird nesting boxes on your room walls, and a large breakfast while sitting out door as the sun rose on more interesting geology next to the Lodge and on another glorious and not so glorious dry day.

Electric Universe theory geology tour guide and driver Neil Thompson
Neil ‘Squatter Man’ Thompson

Thanks to Neil Thomson who had to drive the whole tour while his kind co driver Cameran was helping out (chauffeuring) a very ill person on the tour, and for Neil helping to explain the geology with Steinbacher’s theories and also some of his own.