Electric Universe geology tour 2016 Phoenix

EU geology tour 2016: Day 1

Electric Universe geology tour 2016 Michael SteinbacherThe EU geology tour 2016, after the EU 2016 Phoenix conference, and in memorial to Michael Steinbacher’s work, was an Electric Geology and Universe expanding trip.

Below is a brief summary of Day 1 of the tour, the other days will follow. Also, more detailed reports of the various locations will appear in the nearish future.

If you want to read a great story telling of the what the most important thing, the spirit and camaraderie of the EU conference and the geology tour was like, from one of its guest speakers, then visit and enjoy it on Andrew Hall’s The Daily Plasma site.

Phoenix to Sedona

Electric Universe geology tour 2016 plasma USA
There were between 20 to 30 people each day on the tour in a number of different vehicles. Day 1 was rather eventful, with some stressful surprises both on and off the road and not always involving tour members.

The schedule was rearranged during the first day making it more of a drive by tour day, so we could reach our hotel for the night.
geology tour electric universe Arizona
But the constant changes in scenery, vegetation and habitat allowed you to see how the landscape changed as we climbed higher and higher. Road side cuts also meant we could view the strata and material of the land.

With time and a hilly or mountainous landscape to look out for the hot new wave of EU geological Andy Hall’s Arc Blast harmonics that may be how certain hills and mountains are formed.

With outside temperatures during the tour constantly between 100 to 120 Fahrenheit (40 to 50 centigrade), an air conditioned drive through Sedona’s towering red sandstone rock formations (Schnebly Hill Formation) and its trees somehow clinging on to the vertical mountain sides, was most welcome.

A stop in Sedona allowed people to cool down, de-stress and dangle their feet in the refreshing mountain stream. Why did some of the streams large grey rocks seem to be pitted or fried? Why were their multi coloured stones in the river similar to stones found around the world in soil and on beaches?

Has the Oak Creek stream (a Verde River tributary) created the Oak Creek Canyon or is the Oak Creek river/stream there because the canyon was formed before it? Or was an Electric Geology event attracted to an area with water flowing through it, or a Telluric Current under it?

How was all the very red Sedona Schnebly Hill Formation sandstone eroded away? Yet left sandstone hills that rise steeply out of the ground?


Electric Universe geology tour 2016 Michael Steinbacher
The evenings accommodation was in Flagstaff, where it was cloudy and even rained but still beautifully warm.

The hotel was close to an intriguing mountain with rock flowing down part of its side. If these things are evidence of Electric Geology events then what would be found in the surrounding area?

After the tour the mountain was found out to be the interesting Mount Eldon (Elden Mountain).

The local bar was delightfully named Porkies and the large selection of craft beers and food were great, with the serving wenches living up to eye candy promise.

Unfortunately there was a bad scare involving Mel (not due to the eye candy or alcohol) and we hope he has now fully recovered. This was a real blow for everyone, including the fact that everyone had been really looking forward to meeting and learning from Mel.

This night was spent socialising and discussing all things EU in honour and in the manner of Michael.

Andreas Otte geology tour
Andreas ‘El Capitan’ Otte during the tour explaining Michael Steinbacher’s EU geology ideas. Or during Day 1 giving it a big WTF?
Thanks to Mark Spann for organizing, supporting and co-ordinating the tour before and during it.

And a very well done to Andreas ‘El Capitan’ Otte and Julian ‘Jupiter’ West for somehow handling Day 1 and for turning up for Day 2 after Day 1.

After an eventful initial day what would the morrow bring?