galactic bones plasma galaxy

Galactic plasma bones

galactic filaments Nessie BonesScience seems to be finding evidence of galactic filaments, although they call them galatic ‘bones’ as they seem to be making up the skeleton of the universe.

galactic bones plasma galaxy
Gallatic bones or filaments in a plasma galaxy in an Electric Universe
An Electric Universe would require galactic ‘circuits’ and these galactic bones including the Nessie bone are evidence of such plasma filaments in galaxies.

Scientists are finding more evidence of a galactic “skeleton” lurking inside the appendages of the Milky Way, and studying these massive “bones” could help researchers get a better idea of what our galaxy looks like from the outside.

In 2013, researchers first suggested that long, thin, dense clouds of gas may form inside the spiral arms of the Milky Way, creating a sort of galactic skeleton that traces the shape of these massive structures. At the time, only one such “bone” — known as Nessie — had been identified.

Now, new research presented at the 225th meeting of the American Astronomical Society shows that Nessie is not alone. Catherine Zucker, an undergraduate physics student at the University of Virginia, has dug up six strong candidates for additional galactic bones.
Milky Way ‘bones’ could reveal secrets about our galaxy