Gaia Electric Universe theory EU


GaiaIf Gaia, the idea of everything in a world being connected and part of a feedback system, then how would even one human or one life form on a ‘dead’ planet effect that planet?

Would one electromagnetic life have virtually zero effect on that planets electromagnetic signature? Or like a sun grazer comet could it trigger a relatively monstrous change?

Would one electromagnetic living humanoid on what was previously a lifeless planet completely effect other planets, moons or space objects in its solar system? Or the whole universe?

Gaia electromagnetic humans alien planetWould one EM life form completely change that space bodies circuit and electric feedback systems?

Is life a positive feedback system or negative feedback system or does it depend on what that life does or has the potential to do?

What happens when planet Earth has a catastrophe and there is a mass extinction?

Humancentric Electromagnetic Universe?

Gaia Electric Universe theory EUIs the idea of an Electric Universe is to create living circuits using all the material of elements, chemical compounds, rocks, electromagnetic fields and plasma. Are planets, solar systems and galaxies the Electric Universe idea of a proper life form?

With flesh life not the important thing we think it is or just an electrical byproduct. With life forms just adding to the components of a planet or solar system.