shale gas fracturing fracking earthquakes

Fracking triggering electric earthquakes?

shale gas fracturing fracking earthquakesFracking triggering electric earthquakes?

Does the whole process of fracking where massive amounts of water, sand, chemicals are forced into the earths layers change the electromagnetic nature of that part of the Earth?

Gas shale fracking also physically changes the structure of the strata. Also, if you are taking out natural gas and materials then you are also changing the physical, electrical properties of the earth.

If you change the earth by putting in materials that could act as dielectrics, conductors, diodes, resistors etc can you create a man made earthquake?

gas extraction fracking creates earthquakesAnd if earthquakes are electric then could that mean that shale gas extraction through fracking could trigger or cause earthquakes?

Especially if you have intraplate earthquakes or at fault lines?

Drilling and Fracking triggering electric earthquakes?

fracking triggering earthquakes fault linesFracking means massive changes to the earth with electrically conductive water, the weight of replacement water, sand, chemicals and also the physical structure being changed.

fracking natural gas earthquakes triggersDrilling for oil or gas involves the use and injection of ‘mud’ and water to increase pressure.

Changes/contamination to the earths water and its electromagnetic properties?

Fracking causing earthquakes evidence?

“They’ve been generally getting larger, higher magnitude than it was before,” he said. “This was the biggest one yet.”

“You can put two and two together,” said Howard Yale, a retired Boeing toolmaker. “You just can’t put all that water undergound under high pressure and not expect something to happen.”
Kansans clean up after magnitude-4.8 earthquake shakes Wichita, southern part of state

Some experts have blamed the gas and oil industry’s practice of hydraulic fracturing for an uptick in earthquakes in Kansas.
Three earthquakes shake up southern Kansas

drilling oil gas mud water

A new study links nearly 80 earthquakes that occurred in Mahoning County in March 2014 to nearby fracking operations. In the study, published online this week in the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, the researchers say that the earthquakes were caused when companies fracked into a previously unknown fault.

Fracking is one step in the process of drilling into shale deposits deep underground for oil and gas. To release oil and gas, energy companies send water, sand and chemicals through pipes to blast the shale.
Study ties 77 Ohio earthquakes to two fracking wells

Hydraulic fracturing hydrofracturing hydrofracking earthquakes

Three of the biggest human-caused earthquakes of all time, he pointed out, occurred in Uzbekistan’s Gazli natural gas field between 1976 and 1984. Each of the three had a magnitude greater than 6.8, and the largest had a magnitude of 7.3.
Coal Mining Causing Earthquakes, Study Says