La Bajada Patagonian Highlands fossils instantly quickly

Palaeontologists suggest 1 day fossilization

La Bajada Patagonian Highlands fossils instantly quicklyPaleontologists investigating a massive fossil area in Argentina have suggested that the fossilization may have happened within 1 day.

That is nearly instant fossilisation compared to the traditional paleontologist theories on how things are fossilized over a very long time.

The fossils were preserved almost immediately, in less than a day in some cases.

“You can see how fungi, cyanobacteria and worms moved when they were alive,” Garcia Massini said of the site that lies along the Deseado Massif mountain range.

Ignacio Escapa of the Egidio Feruglio Paleontology Museum said the researchers had found “a wide range of micro and macro-organisms.”

The fossils are so well preserved, that researchers say each rock extracted from the site could possibly open the door to a new discovery.
Scientists discover major Jurassic fossil site in Argentina | Phys Org

A good theory successfully predicts?

A large number of fossils are remarkably well preserved, the speed of petrification may have caused this, with the scientists suggesting that significant areas may have been covered by the hot springs in less than a day, preserving the area as a time capsule providing a unique window into life in the Mesozoic …

This site preserves the flora and fauna of a Devonian ecosystem that was also preserved due to the influx of hot springs inundated with silica. These fossils are much older, dating from approximately 410 million years ago (Pragian faunal stage of the Early Devonian).
A Remarkable Window into the Mesozoic | Everything Dinosaur

Electric Universe theory has been suggesting for years that fossilisation of dinosaurs, footprints, insects etc happens very quickly or near instantly.

Flora, fauna and foot prints in mud being preserved in an event in a moment would be one logical explanation for why delicate things can be preserved without appearing to be damaged that much.