Author Topic: Geological explanation for the Underwater Cart Ruts seen at St Georges Bay?  (Read 5878 times)


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Geological explanation for sea floor Cart Tracks

The whole island of Malta appears to be in a process of sinking, this being more pronounced on the eastern side. This has resulted in a southeastwards tilting of the Island, raising the cliffs of the western coast and giving the deep harbours on the eastern side. This tilting may be assumed from the constant dip of the strata towards the east and northeast of the Island. The marked sinking on the eastern side can be noted from the existence of "cartruts" running along the rocky bottom of the sea for some distance from the shore at the inlet of St. George's Bay at Birzebbugia (Malta). It is further confirmed by the report that during the laying of the Grand Harbour breakwater foundations, divers detached stalagmites from the bottom of the sea. Stalagmites are formed in caves by the redeposition of dissolved limestone in water. This suggests that the area was at one time above sea-level.
Tectonic Phenomenon in the Maltese Islands