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Fewer White Horses (White Caps) in a clouds shadow?

website articles and more photographs of shy white horses - click here and for another article about MIA white horses (white caps) with more photographs click here.

On breezy and windy days you find White Horses (White Caps or Crests) appearing on the top of waves. These are slighty higher than the wave itself. When you have certain types of clouds it has been observed that there are fewer, or, virtually no White Horses in the cloud shadow (Sun shadow) than in the Sunshine. This has been observed around the island of Malta on many occasions and also once at Covehithe, Suffolk, England.

Why is this and what could cause it?

When these types of clouds change then the MIA White Horses in the suns shadow effect stops.

Another interesting effect to note is that there appears to be more White Crests (White Horses) around the edges of the cloud shadow, where there is the potential difference between the Sun shine and Sun shadow. Is this related also related to Cavitation?

If the Earths weather is an electrical system and part of the exchange with the rest of the Electrical Universe and our Sun then are White Horses part of the exchange mechanism? Is this how some energy is released or exchanged from the salty electrical sea into the atmosphere to begin its journey? Or could it be the other way round?

Is there anything else in an Electrical Universe that may start to help explain this?

Jupiter's dusty electrical Rings - made in the shade

Jupiters Rings are formed through dust (dusty plasma?) which may be electrical machined from the moons and asteriods around it. These dust particles are electrical charged. They charge and discharge when entering Jupiters "Sun shadow". Is this related to the White Horses effect seen on Earth?


"It turns out that the outer ring's extended boundary and other oddities in Jupiter's rings really are 'made in the shade,'" said Douglas Hamilton, a professor of astronomy at the University of Maryland. "As they orbit about the planet, dust grains in the rings alternately discharge and charge when they pass through the planet's shadow. These systematic variations in dust particle electric charges interact with the planet's powerful magnetic field. As a result small dust particles are pushed beyond the expected ring outer boundary, and very small grains even change their inclination, or orbital orientation, to the planet."
University of Maryland

Does the fact that dust particles orientation change due to its electrical charge explain how and why our planets have different orientation and how the Earth has "flipped" over many times?


The Thebe gossamer ring is brightest near its top and bottom edges and gradually becomes brighter towards Jupiter—much like the Amalthea ring...There is a barely visible continuation of the ring beyond the orbit of Thebe, extending up to 280 000 km and called Thebe Extension.

However some properties have so far gone unexplained, like the Thebe Extension, which may be due to unseen bodies outside Thebe's orbit, and structures visible in the back-scattered light. One possible explanation of the Thebe extension is influence of the electromagnetic forces from the Jovian magnetosphere. When the dust enters the shadow behind Jupiter, it loses its electrical charge fairly quickly. Since the small dust particles partially corotate with the planet, they will move outward during the shadow pass creating an outward extension of the Thebe gossamer ring. The same forces can explain a dip in the particle distribution and ring's brightness, which occurs between the orbits of Amalthea and Thebe.
Wikiepedia - Origin of the gossamer rings and Thebe moon

The Thebe gossamer ring (and all planets rings) are a product of either EDM or Dusty Plasma. They are created by the Electrical Universe. That is why they vary so much in precise areas and why they are on a plane. If Gravity controls them why are they on a level?

This would also help to explain whey areas in it are so bright (boundary layers) and also the strange fact that if the Thebe moon is made of ice how has it survived "meteor" impacts that are nearly as large as its diameter? Should they not have destroyed it? Unless they were EDM events. Electric Discharge would also explain the bright spots and areas found on Thebe.

Shadowy White Horses

Why do you see fewer White Horses in the Sun shadow than in the Sun shine? Is it a charge/discharge thing with the cloud shadow or is it an exchange process?

Does the Thebes gossamer ring and the brightness at the boundary layers show a discharge and help to explain that you see more white foam around the boundary of sunshine and sunshadow?


XEarth - White Horses - article

White Horses (White Caps MIA) - another day another example of MIA White Horses

White Horses (White Caps) - Malta - Photographs

White Horses (White Caps) - Covehithe, Suffolk - Photographs

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