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The seal of Solomon in three dimensions

O wretched race of men, to space confined !
What honour shall ye pay to him whose mind
To that which lies beyond hath penetrated !
The symbols he hath formed shall sound his praise,
And lead him on through unimagined ways
To conquests new in worlds not yet created.

First, ye determinants in ordered row
And massive column ranged before him go,
To form a phalanx for his safe protection.
Ye powers of the nth roots of - 1,
Around his head in endless cycles run,
As disembodied spirits of direction.

And yon ye undevelopable scroles,
Above the host wave your emblazoned rolls,
Ruled for the record of his bright inventions.
Ye cubic surfaces, by threes and nines,
Draw round his camp your seven-and-twenty lines,
The seal of Solomon in three dimensions.

March on, symbolic host, with step sublime,
Up to the flaming bounds of space and time;
There halt, until, by Dickenson depicted
In two dimensions, we the form may trace
Of him whose mind, too large for vulgar space,
In n dimensions flourished unrestricted.
- James Clerk Maxwell

"If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe" - Nikola Tesla

"vibrations of thirds, sixths, and ninths, were extraordinarily powerful" - John Keely

"Ye cubic surfaces, by threes and nines,
Draw round his camp your seven-and-twenty lines,
The seal of Solomon in three dimensions."

Sacred Geometry - web site

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Re: The seal of Solomon in three dimensions - sacred geometry
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The seal of Solomon in three dimensions

A fractal pattern for massive parallel architecture programming

A cube-octahedron is a three dimensional solid composed of 12 apexes and 14 faces of which 6 are squares and 8 are triangles.
I developed an algorithm for browsing this solid in 24 steps where each apex is browsed twice with 2 different paths.
This browsing goes through the three apexes of a triangle, then goes through the center of the cube-octahedron, then browse the three apexes of the opposite triangle, drawing in perspective, a Magen David (star of King David) or in an other denomination a seal of Solomon. After this step of drawing this seal, the browsing draws one of the 3 other axes where is depicted a new seal of Solomon, realizing a cross joining the four seals of Solomon. Then the browsing can loop again at the beginning.
I put this algorithm in practice by associating a word to each apex of the cube-octahedron in order to build a poem of 24 words by browsing this algorithm.
Each poem of 24 words is composed of 8 sentences of 3 words each composed of a subject, a verb and an object. Each poem of this type, which I baptized “kadosh”, deals with a different topic designated by a word pertaining or different from the 24 words of the kadosh.
I built 64 different kadoshs and I organized them in a cube of 4 kadoshs side length. I organized them, classifying by planes in the three orthogonal directions, each direction corresponding to a classification topic.

The cube have three axes so my three topics are:
- space (Espace)
- verb (Verbe)
- intellect (Intellect)

For space, the four planes corresponding are:
- physical (physique)
- language (langage)
- drive (moteur)
- sense (sens)

For verb, the four planes corresponding are:
- caracterize (caractériser)
- express (exprimer)
- act (agir)
- know (connaître)

For intellect, the four planes corresponding are:
- logic (logique)
- behavior (comportement)
- psychologic (psychologique)
- gift (don)

With these twelve planes I build a new poem of 24 words, a kadosh, I baptized “DEVI” acronym of Dieu (God) Espace (Space) Verbe (Verb) Intellect (Intellect).

More over, one of the cubes of three kadoshs side length inscribed in the cube of four kadoshs side length is build of two intricate kadoshs, composed of the titles of the kadoshs they describe.

With this cube I built a basic cell of a three dimensional fractal structure:
this fractal is based upon the cube-octahedron shape, at the bottom level developed by the kadosh of each title, and at the top level in the kadosh composed by the titles.
This fractal is composed of a second repetition system at the level of the global cell itself: the cube of four kadoshs side length can be resumed by the synthetic kadosh DEVI.

This fractal structure of 64 kadoshs + one synthetic kadosh can be called DEVI. It is composed of the structure I used to develop my new personality after my baptism in 2007.
As the forest is composed of trees on the same fractal pattern for the tree and the forest, I imagine  other Christians developing their own structure of 65 kadoshs, allowing a community to be structured using the same fractal  pattern.

Each kadosh is composed of 12 words chosen so that the layout of the 12 associated concepts deliver a signification belonging to the concept whom title is chosen for the kadosh.
This fractal organization of concepts appears interesting for organizing knowledge and I suppose this architecture is used by our brains to model knowledge.
I hope, in a few years, medical imaging techniques will allow to analyze neural signal in nerve cells to put in evidence this cube-octahedron architecture.
Men have often found inspiration in nature in order to create its own inventions, so I suppose this architecture can have interests for organizing processors in massive parallel computing and especially for knowledge engineering.

The set of 65 kadoshs developed in French is available on Apple iTunes in my testimony “Journal intime d'un schizophrène” de Christophe Roux: