Author Topic: Atomic Explosions and Red Sprites + Elves. Are they related?  (Read 16601 times)


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Red Sprites and Elves are the result of an electrical discharge between earth and space that involves plasma (charged gas). Lightning and all the stars are made of Plasma.

The other image is of an atomic bomb and shows the same type of reaction but this one visible. Does it show that they are both created by the release and discharge of electrical energy / plasma in an Electric Universe.

In this video clip of an atomic explosion you can see the rings appearing around and above it.

Our atmosphere is full of plasma (electrically charged gas) and is split into layers that vary during the day. The reason you get these rings of clouds in Red Sprites and Atomic explosions is that they are likely to be either at the boundary between 2 layers or it is an actual layer itself.

If Atomic explosions create "clouds" then does this give a clue as to how our more normal clouds are formed?

Are they formed by electromagnetic energy? Is it the release of energy, a resistance or the potential difference that creates them?

Photos and images of Red Sprites and Elves

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** If the Earth is Electric and part of the Electric Universe then there it has to have its own Electrical Weather Circuit

** If its an Electrical Universe then there must be Electrical Circuits between everything

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