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Are the very defined layers/strata found the result of electrophoresis?

The formation of sedimentary layers is very puzzling when you look at what you actually see. The basic theory itself sounds reasonable but when you see the very distinct layers of different types of rocks it starts to struggle. The material for these layers is meant to be deposited over 1000s or millions of years.The same conditions need to be in place for that whole period.

The source of the material must remain the same
The oceans currents patterns must remain the same
The earths environment must remain the same

Why is there very little contamination of layers with foriegn material? How can you suddenly get layers of stones deposited in a layer. Why are the layers so distinct. Why can fossils span many different ages. Why do paramoudra columns cut across many layers of strata?

Electrofocusing (isoelectric focusing) is used to seperate different particles into layers within a liquid (normally gel). This is achieved by passing an electric current through the liquid between the cathode and an anode.  This process uses zone electrophoresis by the fact that the molecules have a different charge and so will migrate or focus at different levels or strata. As they migrate to either the cathode or the anode their charge starts to change until they are in balance and so stops moving. This is called its isoelectric point (IEP).

The earth is electric and science has measured its electric weather and the fact that it electrically connects to our solar system and the sun. If you have have a flow of current coming from or up to the atmosphere/ground then you may have a cathode/anode.

Another option may have been during previous Catastrophes involving the Squatting Man or Tree of Life. Evidence points to there being a massive Plasma Discharge Event in the skies of earth. This would result in a huge flow of energy into or from the earth.

Electrophoresis may have occurred to the sediment or material when it was at the bottom of the ocean or being pulled up out of the waters to create land (similar to an electric arc weld blister).

If there is enough moisture/energy available would it need to be sediment at the bottom, could the host rock itself be transformed into electrofocusing strata? discussion on electrofocusing

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