Author Topic: Holiday in Malta - want advice or help on how to visit the Cart Ruts sites?  (Read 5947 times)


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Personal help and advice on visiting the Cart Ruts of Malta

If you are thinking of visiting the Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks) sites and want some personal guidance and help then reply here.  You may only have a few hours to see them or you may want to spent a few days going round the fantastic islands of Malta and Gozo, seeing wonderful views and the odd Cart Ruts mystery

You can also ask in the chat

If you are planning a walking/hiking/trekking or cycling holiday around Malta then you can visit most of these sites. They are located in the more scenic and quiet locatins around the island

:) No advice can be given on accommodation, flights to Malta etc. but happy to help out with most things to do with the Cart Ruts :)

Photo guides, directions, maps, locations and pathfinders of each indvidual site

Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks) sites in Malta and Gozo - photo guide to all the main sites
Clapham Junction Cart Ruts Malta - photo guide to the Clapham Junction site
Cart Ruts Mysteries - Cart Ruts off cliff tops and underwater Cart Ruts crossing a bay
Cart Ruts geology mystery - Puzzling rock shapes includes the Clapham Junction Triangle, perfect squares and Tetris rocks