Author Topic: Banded Iron Formations origin?  (Read 14020 times)


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Banded Iron Formations origin?
« on: August 17, 2017, 06:02:42 »
Origin of Banded Iron Formations?

What is the source of the material and creation of the very mysterious Banded Iron Formations?

Were they formed instantly on and in the Earths surface during electric geology events?

Is the origin of our planets iron and especially the ore deposits from recent extraterrestrial sources such as the warrior God planet Mars?

Earth is littered with extraterrestrial material, source… Mars!

The once earth-like Mars entered into hundreds of violent encounters with Earth in past millennia. These encounters saw Mars eject colossal amounts of volatiles, dust and debris out into space, including that of large rocks, boulders and stones. All this and more was swallowed up by Earth and now forms a good portion of Earth’s sediments and sedimentary rocks including that of sandstone, limestone, shale, chalk, etc., – all washed around the globe courtesy of Martian water (in some regions causing rapid fossilization). Thought to be indigenous, earth’s crust comprises tons of material whose origin lies with the god of war, Mars.

Included in this celestial deluge were vast clouds of iron and silica – the primary source of BIFs.
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