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The Joe Cell - Electric properties
« on: May 27, 2015, 19:29:51 »
Hello again!

Was a long time I visited this very interesting forum. The Electric Universe Theory movement is accelerating and reaching light-speed worldwide. Now it seems to have touched the topic of water science too and recently I have seen a post on a very popular homeopathy research side on EM too. So it is becoming very popular.

In my kitchen I am performing some interesting experiments with the Joe Cell. This device accumulates a kind of energy which is known as orgone, named by Wilhelm Reich. You know, there was 3 giants in psychology during world war 1 and 2, Sigmund Freud, Carl Gustav Jung and Wilhelm Reich. But only Reich's books was burned by the government, two times (Germany and US)! So it must be something really hot if they resort to such desperate measures to preserve their unstable world view based on the futile materialism.

Now finally I started to investigate the Joe Cell myself. The inventors name is Joe Booker, an Australian fella, down under. Nice guy. A lot of youtube videos exist about him. He seems to be a already a legend ... and he does not use the internet at all. Some friends and "adepts of the Joe Cell" visited him and interviewed him about his discovery. Accidentally one of his HHO cell revealed to be a real orgone accumulator which stores abundantly this energy and it transmits it to the engine (and no, it is not hydrogen/oxygen gas, not even brown gas, but orgone/ether/qi). Inside the engine chamber the pure air implodes in a plasma vortex and sucks the pistons up without any friction (or so it seems).

I'm currently researching some of it's electrical properties and maybe you could take a look at it ...