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Mediterranean Craters - seafloor Malta
« on: March 04, 2013, 21:15:18 »
Mediterranean Craters - seafloor Malta

Malta has a number of possible EU Craters and lots of Crater Bays - Inland Sea Dwejra Gozo, Black Lagoon Dwejra Gozo, Blue Hole Dwejra Gozo, Pembroke beach Malta, the impressive  Il-Maqluba MaltaMattEU's Crater MaltaBahrija Maltamini craters and Malta's Circular Bays.

Mediterranean Craters - seafloor Malta 'cave'

If it is an Electric Universe and all the worlds folklore about catastrophe and Thunderbolts from the Godly Planets striking our Earth then there should be large discharge craters and Electric Machining. The impossibly large 'impact craters' found around the world may be evidence of such electric discharges and events.

Massive evidence for this are the Gravity Universe 'unexplainable' Carolina Bays. Said to be over 500,000 ellipsoidal craters that change their axis of direction across the whole country to point towards the Great Lakes (massive EU discharge craters themselves). Carolina Bay style variations of craters are found around the world from Norfolk Meres in England to Australia's Lunettes. These all seem to have one side of the crater raised higher than the other. Which seems to be the same for the Malta Crater Cave found on what could have been dry ground when it was formed.

Malta appears to have lots of evidence of gEUlogy (Electric Universe Geology) and seems to have EU craters and discharge craters in various forms.

In a study and mapping of the sea floor around Malta and Gozo there have been found 5 very precise underwater craters. The scientists call them sinkholes as in a Gravity Universe there is nothing else that can really explain them and this does not really explain how these were created. Its just a catch all explanation that when you ask details there are no answers.

What is interesting is that they fit into the same size scale and shape as those found on Earth, the Moon and Mars (Moon and Martian skylights). They also have a raised rim at one end, the same as the Carolina Bays and Malta's Bahrija Crater.

Perhaps these are the result of something other than water erosion creating sinkholes in very different geological areas over very different geological times on very different planets? They are not the result of something over a long time but an instantaneous electric discharge event?


The scanning also picked up four depressions, referred to as sinkholes, across Sikka l-Bajda reef, while another one was located in a shallow reef offshore Qawra Point

With a shape that varies from perfectly circular to ellipsoidal and diameters that range from 60 to 270 metres, these walls are made up of bedrock that is steeply sloping to vertical, reaching up to 11 metres in height.

One possible way that these could have been formed involves the roof collapse of a cavern, the study found.
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