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Mtahleb Valley Malta
« on: June 17, 2012, 01:35:19 »
Mtahleb Valley Malta

Mtahleb Valley on the west coast of Malta is one of the most unique valleys in Malta as it is one of the only Valleys (Wied) left that is relatively untouched with buildings, although the land and terrain has been sculptured by the hands of man.

The Mtahleb Valley is a great place to watch the sun go down over the Tors.

On the cliff edge of the Mtahleb Valley you can find the Ghar Zerrieq Cart Ruts.

The Imtahleb Valley also has the impressive Ras id-Dawwara, Ras id-Dawwara, Il-Qaws, Migra Ferha, Wied Ilma (Wied ir-Rum which is the Valley of the Roman).

One of the strange things about the Mtahleb Valley is that Malta has many surviving temples and lots of either unfound or destroyed temples/buildings from the old Maltese civilisation, yet it is suggested that this amazing valley has no structures built by the "Temple Builders".

David Trump in his book Malta: An Archaeological Guide on page 140 says


Megaliths are reported from time to time on the hills below the cliffs here, but they are natural, the fragmented remains of the Upper Coralline limestone capping which once covered the area.

From having spent time exploring the Mtahleb Valley area I would say that the very carved hills were used as a solar observation complex with many Megaliths used to help this purpose. Which also is similar in design and purpose to the solar observation complex at Glastonbury Tor, England and Chankillo Observatory, Peru