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the end of the Gravity Universe?
« on: October 31, 2012, 04:24:56 »
the end of the Gravity Universe? solar wind (plasma) stopped flowing

Reports over the last year or 2 have shown that scientists are a bit puzzled about the solar wind (the flow of plasma which is electrically charged gas from the sun) as Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 reach what they say is the end of our solar system.

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Their theory is that the suns solar wind should slow down a bit as it meets the external wind coming from the rest of the galaxy and then our solar wind should divert and flow north or south.

Things started to go wrong for the standard model when the suns solar wind stopped flowing altogether as worked out from Voyager 1 data. This became known as the Stagnation Region.


The distant region where the solar wind slows as it begins to run into interstellar gas and dust is known as the heliosheath. The mysterious boundary where the solar wind finally ends and the interstellar medium begins is called the heliopause.

Past research suggested the Voyager probes were entering an unknown part of the heliosheath (dubbed the "transition zone" or the "stagnation region") where the flow of solar wind had apparently calmed down. Scientists thought that by now Voyager 1 would start to see the solar wind deflected from its straight outward path into a more northward or southward manner as it curved to form the heliopause.

Now researchers using data from the Voyager 1 spacecraft find the probe is not yet close to the heliopause.

"The implication is that the flow of solar wind plasma in the heliosheath is more complex that we had expected," study lead author Robert Decker, a space physicist at Johns Hopkins University, told

Decker and his colleagues requested that the Voyager project team rotate Voyager 1 periodically to see if the solar wind was in fact getting deflected in a northward or southward manner. They found no evidence of deflection in the zone the probe was zipping through.
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Does this show that it is the end of the Gravity Universe and the start of the Electric Universe? Or is it as they say that the heliosheath is more complicated or further away than they thought? But why has the solar wind ceased to flow in any direction?

The solar wind stopping is part of the Electric Universe Theory model of how our solar system and the sun operates using electricity and plasma as the main source of energy and not the weakest of all forces that is gravity.

wikipedia has contradictory info on Voyager 1 and the yes, no, yes no, we are not sure press releases and findings from the scientists.

Voyager I Sees Solar Wind Blocked (pdf) - Don Scotts appraisal of the situation from the Electric Universe Theory point of view

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