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New to the Electric Universe theory? Beginners guide and links etc

The Electric Universe theory is fairly simple to understand but due to its implications it can be a a bit of a mind melt.

Electric Universe sites

The main site and forum for the EU theory stuff is who have the fantastic TPOD (Thunderbolt Picture Of the Day) which explores and explains the Electric Universe.

Thunderbolts also have the main Electric Universe forum, where the EU experts and Gods frequent, as well as us mere mortals. Joking apart everyone is very friendly on the forum, so feel free to hand around and look and read without any pressure to post, unless you want to.

A plasma cosmology and electric universe site that explains the basics clearly is and is highly recommended for EU beginners.

Electric Universe videos

But people who are EU Curious and want an explanation and guide about the basics should watch these couple of videos to help you start your journey into your Electric Universe.

This first video explains Plasma Cosmology which the Electric Universe theory is based on. It may not make much sense now but if someone is in to Plasma Cosmology that does not mean they follow the Electric Universe theory.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Great music, images and explanations of the EU theory mean you should be tempted to watch all of soupdragon42's youtube videos. They are the best out there and are a turbo intro and guide.

For an introduction to the Electric Universe theory itself you should watch this amazing free Thunderbolts of the Gods video. The link is 1 hour long but the video below is 1 of 6x10 minute parts of the same video.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>