Author Topic: Free Energy Research and the Weather  (Read 10293 times)


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Free Energy Research and the Weather
« on: March 22, 2012, 18:41:15 »
I like to read Science Fiction or just watch an old Sci-Fi-Movie. Especially the movie "My Science Project" is one of my favorites.

When you get interested in Free Energy Research, especially the "exotic devices" harnessing their energy from a endless pool like the "vacuum" or the "ether" or whatever, then you will soon discover that this kind of devices are claimed to influence the weather in some way.

This post is dedicated to Free Energy Devices which can alter the weather. Feel free to add more links if you find some on the web, even sci-fi ... because it's interesting to see why people are so fascinated about electricity and weather ... they are like bread and butter.

First Link: Johan's Free Energy Charger Trips up the Weather?


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Free Energy Research and Earths Electric Weather circuit
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2012, 05:37:43 »
For those who may not know about the earths electrical weather system and even our solar systems electrical circuit I have included some diagrams to show these.

As the earth does have an electric weather system then any events or devices that effect the circuit can change the weather. This has been used in the past to try to make it rain and, of course, the rumours of HAARP.

it is interesting to consider what effects the Free Energy Devices could have, as they would in theory be more likely to influence local and global weather and weather circuits as they are using local natural energy and not created energy from resources.

Earths electric weather circuits

Mercury electric weather circuit

Solar system electrical weather system?

Flux Transfer Events, Earth Space Plasma Fountain, Spacequakes ... and all the rest that will be discovered.

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