Author Topic: Fat Lady of Malta - Fertility Goddess? Lady? "Squatter Man" image?  (Read 17574 times)


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Fat Lady of Malta - Fertility Goddess? Lady? "Squatter Man" image?

The Fat Lady of Malta is said to be a Fertility Goddess because this fits in with another thing that we say about Malta's ancient megalithic structures, that the Temples are Temples.

Why do many of the Fat Lady of Malta statues not have heads? Why do they have shaft holes wehre the heads should be?

Fat Lady of Malta puzzle


While gender is an issue of some magnitude where interpretation of the more abstract and cultic figures is concerned, it is interesting to note that in none of them is there any trace of a beard or facial hair. Nor will one see ears. Do the careful hairstyles, the carved hoods and caps imply that perhaps ears were a particularly personal part of the body?
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Are the Fat Lady of Malta statues and carvings of a Fertility Goddess? Are they of a Lady? Could they be variations of the Squatter Man image? Could they be shown as a Lady to represent what the Malta culture could see in the skies but were not thought of as a Lady as such.

Were the heads removed as the statues image in the sky changed? Did the later statues have the shaft hole so they could replace it with new versions of the look?

Perhaps the Duck Head seen on many petroglyphs and found on Malta in a carved form that would fit into Fat Lady statues?

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