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Saturn Death Cult
« on: March 02, 2012, 21:52:42 »
Saturn Death Cult

Electric Universe Theory explained

I stumbled upon the site when looking for images of the Squatting Man. The site goes into a detailed but simple to understand explanation of the authors views of these times and events. Starting with the Purple Age, into the Golden Age (with a great visual explanation of the Ice Age) and beyond.

saturn polar configuration and the squatter man (image from

The site is full of great artistic views of what the ancient world may have looked like back in the Golden Age, the time of the Saturn Polar Configuration and of course the Squatting Man and Tree of Life. The images on the site are easily the best created so far on these subjects and give people a better understanding of what it could have looked like.

The ideas are suggested are from most of the popular and standard ideas on the Electric Universe Theory and Plasma Cosmology, that have produced Plasma Mythology. But with a twist of the authors own interpretation on some of them. I do not think any EU Theory person believes in everything that everyone else does, so you may not agree with them all.

The sites explanations of the Saturn and Electric Universe effects on our Solar System and Earth is perhaps the best introduction and shortish summary of the subject I have read. Very good for beginners and it certainly helped me to understand it further and more importantly visualize it.

The Saturn Death Cult

The author then takes it a step further and links these to the old and modern Saturn Death Cult. This is where it sort of departs from the Electric Universe Theory but as the past has inspired and effects the now and the future this certainly needs to be discussed.

Saturn Death Cult - how it was created in the past and effects us now?  (image from

The site goes into conspiracy theories and links them to the Saturn Death Cult. You may not agree with them and some are a bit horrific but the author has certainly investigated the matter and puts forward his arguments and evidence for them.

He also mentions if there is a lack of evidence which is a good sign of someone trying to give a balanced view while obviously still promoting their beliefs.

The Saturn Death Cult is based on the past events and catastrophes to the Earth, our Solar System and humans as described by the EU Theory. It does not say that the old or modern Saturn Death Cult is part of the Electric Universe Theory movement or that his own ideas are anything EU Theory official.

It is interesting to start to think how the past catastrophes and Electric Universe events still effect modern man, whether we know it or not. If this is interesting to you then apart from this forum another place to discuss the more alternative ideas of the Electric Universe Theory is on the Thunderbolts New Insights and Mad Ideas board.

If you wish to read or listen to more then here is a radio interview given by the author (Troy McLachlan ) on Red Ice Creations or you can buy the The Saturn Death Cult book from on Kindle.

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