Author Topic: Lost city of Dwaraka evidence for Plasma Mythology  (Read 11373 times)


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Lost city of Dwaraka evidence for Plasma Mythology
« on: February 09, 2012, 07:32:56 »

Lost city of Dwaraka evidence for Plasma Mythology

The lost city of Dwaraka is further evidence that plasma mythology and electric universe catastrophe did occur and is further evidence that the ancient tales of shock and awe in our skies and solar system are based on true events.

The video below of the lost city of Dwaraka describes events familiar to EU catastrophists, thunderbolts of the gods like rays from the sun, a flood, the god Krishna (using the God King Scenario perhaps a planet or a EU phenomena) after having the battle then leaves the area or our skies etc

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If Krishna was a real man then would he be some sort of ancient scientist with skills and knowledge of the electric universe?

Alfred de Grazia in his fantastic electric universe book Gods Fire (pdf) suggests that Moses was such a man. The Ark of the Covenant being an electromagnetic (plasma) weapon.

Dwaraka- the lost city (now submerged) evidence for Plasma Mythology

As crazy as this sounds the effects of the Ark of the Covenant seem to bear it out and even more amazing the Lemba tribe in Africa seem to have evidence that it may be true! They appear to genetically be a lost tribe of Israel and have their own Ark of the Covenant they call the ngoma lungundu - the drum that thunders.