Author Topic: The mysteries of the Cart Ruts, Malta (photographs)  (Read 14365 times)


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The mysteries of the Cart Ruts, Malta (photographs)
« on: May 30, 2009, 20:14:02 »

The Cart Ruts of Malta mystery home page

Underwater Cart Ruts and crossing St George's Bay

Cart Ruts underwater on the sea floor are similar to the ones found at Clapham Junction, Malta, and this underwater site also has the same track "switch points" or "set of points".
How were these Cart Ruts formed? How much lower was the sea level? Were the Cart Ruts going into and across Saint George's bay created afterwards?
Were the thinner ones (going into the Bay) anything to do with the building of Borg in-Nadur or were they used to transport stuff to ships in the bay?

Why do the Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks) of Malta go off cliff tops?

How much has the landscape of Malta changed for this to happen? What happened? Is it linked to the idea that Malta might be Atlantis? Can it be explained in an Electric Universe? Or is it just Cart Ruts leading off a cliff?

Cart Ruts Triangles and Cart Ruts Perfect Squares / Tetris Rocks

Are these amazing shapes found at Clapham Junction, Malta anything to do with the creation/formation of the Cart Ruts themselves or are they totally seperate? How were they formed? Are they evidence of an Electrical/Plasma Discharge Event that may explain why Cart Ruts now appear to go off Cliff tops and underwater across Bays?
Are they signs (if Malta was the land of Temples that was Atlantis) of the Electric Universe "terraforming" that may have struck the land of Malta.

Or are they just normal geology?

Form Guide - how are these shapes formed?


Clapham Junction (Cart Ruts Malta) - squares, rectangles and Tetris rocks

Clapham Junction (Cart Ruts Malta) - Triangles

Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks) leading off a Cliff top at Fomm Ir-Rih Bay

Page showing some of the mysteries of the Cart Ruts of Malta (index / home page)

Cart Ruts unique photograph collection and albums

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