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underground Amazon River - Rio Hamza
« on: August 28, 2011, 21:18:30 »
underground Amazon River - Rio Hamza

Underground Amazon River - the Rio Hamza - a survey has just released information of an underground River Amazon below the surface River Amazon. The underground Amazon River, called by the research team the Rio Hamza, is much wider than the surface River Amazon and was a surprise find. It was discovered by scientists having access to the oil well drilling records.

The Rio Hamza is about as long as the surface River Amazon but while the River Amazons width is between 1-100km the underground River Amazon is between 200-600km.

Another feature of the underground Amazon River is that it is believed by some in its lower levels to be "flowing", if very slowly, with salt water and not fresh water.


And whether water really is transported right across the region in this way is disputed by Jorge Figueiredo, a geologist with Petrobras.

"First of all, the word 'river' should be burned from the work - it's not a river whatsoever," he told BBC News.

Water and other fluids could indeed flow through the porous sedimentary rock, he said, but would be unlikely to reach the Atlantic Ocean because the sedimentary basins containing the porous rock were separated by older rock deposits that would form an impermeable barrier.

"But the main problem is that at depths of 4,000m, there is no possibility that we have fresh water - we have direct data that this water is saline," said Dr Figueiredo.

"My colleagues and I think this work is very arguable - we have a high level of criticism."

Subterranean Amazon river 'is not a river' |

So if the lower flow of the underground Amazon River - Rio Hamza - is salt water where does the salt water come from and why is it salt water?

Similar to the super deep boreholes in Germany and Russia they have found water and salt water at depths they would not expect. Is it part of the earths Electric Grid that creates the earths energy, weather and life in an part of the Electric Universe cycle?

Read more on the survey including the report pdf

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