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According to gary gilligans God King Scenario and Electric Universe Theory there have been periods of solar system chaos amongst the planets (and there will be again in the future). That is why previous civilisations myths, legends, drawings make no sense to us now because we are in a stable phase.

Nefertari "pretty with two feathers" - Comet Venus

When chaos hits our solar system the planets can move out of their orbits and this will explain why our calendars have had varying amount of days throughout our recent history. This can explain why civilisations get wiped out and why those specks of light in the sky, the planets in our solar system were feared and worshiped as warrior gods. Why would you think those specks of light were firing thunderbolts at each other, moving around the heavens, creating and destroying life and ultimately able to destroy life on earth? Unless they did.

Planets would get closer and move away, they would get electrical active, some were even born during the last few 1000 years. And the egyptians pharaohs were the God Kings doubles on earth they would name themselves after the God King Planet, the ruling, largest, brightest planet in the sky. If the planet changed its appearance or moved in the sky then the pharaoh would have to represent this change and change their name. This explains why Pharaohs and queens/consorts changed their names, why they seem to very suddenly appear and disappear. Could some of them have even been removed as pharaoh if their planet left our heavens or another God King took its place?

Nefertiti is perhaps the most famous of the queens, she appeared and disappeared with no trace or knowledge of her pre or after history or her genealogy/death.

As gary says Nefertiti was known as "the beautiful one has come", why not "the beautiful one is born"? unless Nefertiti was a planet. The comet Venus as seen in the images with her twin tail plumes.


In the fourth year of his reign Amenhotep IV decided to move the capital to Akhetaten (modern Amarna). In his fifth year, Amenhotep IV officially changed his name to Akhenaten, and Nefertiti was henceforth known as Neferneferuaten-Nefertiti.

During Akhenaten's reign (and perhaps after), Nefertiti enjoyed unprecedented power. The Coregency Stela may show her as a co-regent with her husband. By the twelfth year of his reign, there is evidence that she may have been elevated to the status of co-regent:[9] equal in status to the pharaoh.

About Year 14 of Akhenaten's reign, Nefertiti vanishes from the historical record. There is no word of her after that date.


So using the GKS but not quoting GKS here (rough example to show how it sort of works) Amenhotep IV changes name as Mars changes and Nefertiti becomes bigger and perhaps as big as the Aten. Which would show he was not the absolute ruling god that they had thought he was? Heretic!

Then Nefertiti/Venus either vanishes or more likely changes her name from Nefertiti to something else. This is where dating and the immense arguments about it comes into place.

When I first started reading SIS i was amazed at the incredible arguments that these people were having about when a pharaoh ruled etc. I didnt realise how important it was until you come to things like this. Depending on which pharaoh we think ruled compared to which pharaoh actually ruled means the difference between us being able to know for sure how the planets moved in the skies.

Nefertari "pretty with two feathers" - Comet Venus

Nefartari was also a famous queen and one of her names was "pretty with two feathers". Nefartari  had an amazing tomb built for her and statues by Ramesses the Great. Here origins are unknown as are her death from what i can find out.

Nefertiti and Nefertari are the same planet (Venus) in slightly different phases or has reappeared in the sky. It shows why egypts queens and pharaohs changed their name and even their religion.

It also explains why you may not have a tomb for every single pharaoh or queen like Nefertiti and other pharaohs or queens because they had not died, they changed their name.
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Ancient Chronology - upside down?
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When I first started reading SIS i was amazed at the incredible arguments that these people were having about when a pharaoh ruled etc.

I agree, ancient chronology is in a right mess as any serious scholar who digs just below the surface knows. Some, such as prof. Gunner Heinsohn even propose (based on Stratigraphy) Mesopotamian cultures should be re dated to the first millennium B.C. Many people agree with him, some don't. I do because it suits my capture of the moon proposal of around the 7/8th century BC. i.e. This would then place the mention of the moon in later times.  

I would argue ancient chronology will never be sorted out until the GKS is taken into account. Because All ancient cultures had their god king planets. My problem is finding the Mesopotamian god king counterparts i.e. perhaps Naram Sin (Moon association) should be equated with Tuthmosis ("born of the moon god Thoth"). This is something I am slowly addressing.

Of course, these revisionists, like many others, still believe I'm insane, what a pity. If only they knew how much information I've yet to reveal. If they'd adopt the GKS they would immediately begin to understand why ancient chronology is in such a mess.  

You'd think at the very least they'd now be asking the basic question as to why it is I have so much material.

Could it be I am on to something? Is ancient history 'upside down' as I contend? Is cosmic catastrophe staring us in the face via ancient history?


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