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Gozo Cart Ruts - Dwejra (Inland Sea) - Dykes
« on: January 17, 2011, 06:02:43 »
Gozo Cart Ruts - Dwejra (Inland Sea) - Dykes

Where the defined Cart Rut curves round the corner and up the slope there is an area of land where the Cart Rut is not found for a short section. Here the Cart Ruts seem to veer off again but to the right (inland). Where they seem to veer off you can find another dyke leading to an amazing dyke or fault line.

Gozo Island Cart Tracks or Cart Ruts

This is the view down the Cart Ruts. The photo on the right shows a dyke leading down to the Cart Ruts, coming from (or to) the Great Wall Dyke.

the Great Wall Dyke or geology fault lines or gEUlogy discharge lines?

On the left you can see the flat wall of changed mineral. On the right you can see where the line leads absolutely straight towards the cliffs.

Notice that in the photo on the right that alternative sides of rock have totally gone. It is not a fault line land slip as the rest of the rock either both forwards and backwards of these 2 bits of rock are normal.

What has happened here? If this is a discharge line in an Electric Universe or perhaps even some form of natural plasma laser cutting the material then you would expect the electromagnetic forces to change the material.

These 3 things, very flat walls of changed material, the amazingly straight line themselves and the alternating or totally missing rock is something that can be found around malta. I have got use to it now but sometimes a photo actually reminds you how stunning it is.

The line goes right to the edge of the cliff.

Fungus Rock at Dwerja (Inland Sea) in the background and fault lines or gEUlogy lines?

Shiprock dyke - a magmatic dyke or an Electric Universe event?

Dykes, fault lines or discharge lines in an Electric Universe?

The photo above shows the thick red almost red sandstone like material found in the dyke. Red soil, mineral is a very good indicator of Electric Universe activity and is where something gEUlogy has happened.

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