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« on: October 26, 2010, 05:00:29 »
Tafoni, a new one on me, but looking at this image, and reading about tafoni from around the globe, and how it supposedly forms, made me think about electrical discharge. The weathering explanation doesn't sound right, but if it were to be from electrolysis, maybe this would help pin down the dates of electrical 'storms'? If the pyramids were indeed surrounded by sea water, and the pyramid was an electrical device of some kind, and/or the sea was subject to electrification from mega-lightning, wouldn't we get a rapid electrolytic reaction with the rock, causing the 'erosion' in very short time, rather than the thousands of years mentioned?

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Re: Tafoni
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2010, 06:01:54 »

agree with everything you say about this :)

all of that stuff looks very similar to things you will find on Malta, apart from the massive pyramids of course!

this type of long "cave" can be found everywhere high on cliffs but very rarely where you would expect to see it - at sea level. its also seen where EU things have happened - qolla safra, qolla thorn (thornhill) etc. i will try to find some photos over next few days or it may be in a couple of weeks but see what i can show.

i have found the EU stuff fits into chriss dunns ideas and have always wondered if he knows about the EU

i read it somewhere that there is a sort of channel or something leading from one of the pyramids and i always wondered if it was used for water to flow down. either water being made to go round or through the pyramid or perhaps even being produced by the pyramid and whatever it did.