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The puzzling rock triangle shapes associated with Cart Ruts, especially at Clapham Junction, appear in a number of forms.  The fact that you can find perfect equilateral and isosceles triangles made from lines of limestone rock means something special has created them.  These triangles are also found elsewhere around Malta, where there appears to be no Cart Tracks.

There are a few types, the main ones found so far are triangles made from straight lines (small ridges) and solid rock triangles. There are also V shapes found of both lines and solid rock.  These would seem to be created from the same process but were, or, are at, a different stage of development.

These are the starter ideas on how they may have been formed in an Electric Universe.  Of course they will change, hopefully with your help :)
For an introduction to the Electric Universe visit the nEUb web page.

Equilateral Triangles

Either formed by a feeder line between the X where 2 main lines cross, or, by feeders between 2 parallel main lines.  The feeder lines for all the triangles being similar to the lines found in plant leaves,  Erebus ice tongue etc. In an Electric Universe everything is scalable. Some feeders may be related to the Golden Angle.

The Clapham Junction Triangle

Stunning.  This is found in the section with the greatest concentration of Cart Ruts, yet it has survived looking undamaged?  It appears to be the basic form of an equilateral triangle but there is a subtle oddity about it.  The thickest line (looking like a ridge line) actually slightly curves.  So it may have sort of formed from an X base or it may be something to do with circles, arks and a Fibonacci spiral or...

the Golden Angle and the Electric Universe or.. CND?

Isosceles Triangles
Similar to equilateral triangles but the angle is different for some reason.  CND might be to blame.

Solid Rock Triangles

The first image is from the Cart Ruts at Busewdien near St Paul's Bay in Malta. The 2nd is from Clapham Junction (south field).  A number of other solid and half formed triangles have been found where there are no Cart Ruts but other signs of Electric Universe geological activity (gEUlogy).  These will be added to

From what has been observed so far most of these are development of the thinner Vs and line triangles.  The area of the triangle, between the X and the feeder bridging the lines, fills in or is where the rock is created.  The Birth of Rock (this does not make any sense at the moment but this will be explained soon).

Alternatively it could be where rock has been removed or sliced away.  Very unlikely to be erosion as the shapes are so perfect.  Why and what has removed the rock around it to create these shapes?
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