Author Topic: The end of the lines for Geology?  (Read 24219 times)


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The end of the lines for Geology?
« on: June 02, 2009, 03:06:24 »
Geological fault/fold lines, erosion or Electric Universe evidence on Malta?

SnakePlissken - DIS
Poppie - Electric rock Tree - DIS
Reg - DIS

Are these normal geology or an Electric Universe discharge of some kind?
A Plasma Discharge Event related to one of the Catastrophe's (Squatting Man / Tree of Life / Axis Mundi...). From the sky and the Electric Universe by lightning?
An electrical discharge from the Telluric Currents / Ley Lines flowing through the earth?

If it is a discharge then is it still happening? The rocks look sharp and defined with virtually no erosion or breaking down.

The Grey Rock lines appear to be on a grid, they are mostly parallel to each other but SnakePlissken snakes between 2 of them.  There are also much thinner lines running perpendicular to these larger lines.
Which are the most important, what came first?

More of these lines on Pembroke Hill will be mapped and put on

If these are EU events and everything is scalable in the Electric Universe is Poppie a smaller version of how Italy was created?

Do these prove that Malta was naturally "terraformed" in the last Catastrophe to strike our planet? The geology of Malta is strange, the main island cut in half by the Great Fault line, an escarpment that rises shear out of the flat plains. It also has the
Cart Ruts and temples.  The Cart Ruts show evidence that the island has changed greatly.  No one knows what or how the Cart Ruts were formed but as you can tell by the name they were thought to either be for transportation or worn away by Carts bearing heavy loads.

The puzzling thing about these Cart Tracks is that, now, some go straight off high cliff tops and others are
underwater or appear to go across bays... There was even reports of Cart Ruts on the isolated and very small island of Filfla off the coast of Malta! What they would need to transport there is also another mystery.

Does this show that the land was hit by a Plasma Discharge Event and a lot of the land was removed or changed? Do the lines back this up.

Are the lines still being created or maintained by natural energy and exchanging with/between the Earth and the Electric Universe? Some form of Telluric Current or local Ley Lines sort of thing.

Negative Lichtenberg figures/patterns

A Lichtenberg figure/pattern  is an electrical discharge, you can have positive and negative discharges. There is a pattern found on the special Grey Rock that looks similar to a Negative Lichtenberg figure.
The above image is found an Grey Rock at the Cart Ruts near the St Paul's Bay, Malta (Busewdien). This Negative Lichtenberg type pattern is also found on the lines at Pembroke. A few examples are SnakePlissken photo 1, SnakePlissken photo 2 and Sophie photo

SnakePlissken photo 2 has a "line cutter" on the left hand side, similar to the one found at Clapham Junction (Malta) Cart Ruts in the south field. Notice how the material of the line is an "iron" orange colour. You also find the neg Lichternberg figure around these Cart Ruts.

more Electric Universe geology sites | articles index
** | Planetary Science
** thunderbolts TPOD | Earth Geology
EYE | gEUlogy and EU photographs

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SnakePlissken - starter line triangles and mudmap
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2009, 23:15:03 »
  • Stunning Vs (^s) shapes - starter line triangles?
  • Cart Ruts triangles
  • SnakePlissken mudmap

Stunning Vs, ^s or line Cart Ruts line triangles?

The stunning Vs (^s) that you can see in the photos of the SnakePlissken area are between NY and LA. Are these discharge lines and does this show how "Cart Ruts" line triangles are formed?

SnakePlissken + LA + NY area map

These are a mudmap of the SnakePlissken line and the areas (NY and LA) that form it. It may not make much sense but it might help a bit. SnakePlissken and the grid lines on this hilltop have to be seen to be believed. SnakePlissken rock line is about 15-20 meters long.

Cart Ruts Triangles - photographs
Cart Ruts Triangles - DIS on the line triangles - includes perfect equilateral triangles
How were the Cart Ruts triangles formed - forum form guide
SnakePlissken - photograph album


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Re: The end of the lines for Geology?
« Reply #2 on: August 19, 2010, 08:38:16 »

   The squarish looking stones in the foreground of this photo:

   Where they once part or parcel of the nearby lines ?

Thanks and great photo work,


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pembrokes lines and FUR
« Reply #3 on: August 19, 2010, 19:06:48 »

the square blocks are part of a "fly tip" at the roadside nearby or may be the remains of some maltese "hunting sheds" on the hill top that have now been abandoned.

these lines and ridges are found in certain areas of malta, where you would expect to find them according to gEUlogy. i have just visited qawra point which is a rolling hill top island and expected to find find lines and those "mini craters" (or round "building blocks") and did! iwill be posting the start of that visit today or tomorrow

what i am still trying to understand or work out is how the lines are formed? are they the connection between the thicker lines or part of a grid (energy grid or lattice) that was already there?

some of the other puzzle are why are the lines/ridges so defined and the ground around it so rough. I call this type of rock FUR (Fucked Up Rock) as thats what it looks like. is it EDM pitting/crater when the lines were formed, has a plasma river flowed over it, have the lines been left as they are chemically different (if the grey coating on them is slightly different)?

if someone can work out how the FUR is formed then that may help to start to work out what happened in this area.

what is also interesting about pembrokes lines is that the ridges get thicker as you go north. pembroke is also at the end of Malta's Great Fault line where you find the other lines/ridges. The ridges at Bingemma Gap cart tracks also go thicker as you go north.

and thanks for mentioning the photo work. slowly getting there, practise makes perfect. i am actually revisiting all the areas again so they should get better. and of course you always see new stuff or see it in a different way each time