Author Topic: diamonds on and in the sea floor  (Read 11893 times)


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diamonds on and in the sea floor
« on: October 27, 2010, 18:42:11 »
according to geology diamonds "have to" have been formed deep underground over millions of years and then made their way to the surface. its strange how there are so many diamonds and gemstones found on the earths surface or a few feet below. this would have to suggest that either the whole planet is full of gemstones no matter how far you dig down or that they were somehow all created then all pushed to the surface.

if there are no gemstones found deep in the ground then is the precious gemstones formed deep underground theory dead?

i watched a tv documentary about a diamond mining ship off the coast of africa. there are so many diamonds on the sea floor and in the rocks just below the sea floor that they have built a bloody expensive monster ship to mine the ocean floor.

there are that many diamonds in the sea floor rocks that they can afford and were willing not just to build this diamond mining ship but to pay $100,000 per DAY to keep it operating.

the diamond minind ship is called "Peace In Africa" and it scoops up 20,000 carats of diamonds each month form the rocks on and just below the sea floor. they have predicted there are enough diamonds in the area to keep going every day for 20 years!

a couple of other interesting things was that clay is a good sign for finding diamonds close by in the rocks and that raw diamonds have a natural magnetism.

with diamonds being found in the rocks just below the sea floor would suggest, in an Electric Universe, that the ocean floors were either formed by an EU event or that this area was struck and created them. of course with the sea being salt water it is going to conduct electricity and the ocean floor is going to be the place where stuff happens. so it may not prove anything but are there areas where there are no diamonds in the sea floor and what does that mean in gEUlogy terms? are there other minerals found there? oil or gas instead? did they have a different hit or exchanged the energy differently?
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