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Cart Ruts (2009m2d28)
« on: February 28, 2009, 18:14:01 »
Today or tomorrow I will visit perhaps the most important of the Maltese Cart Ruts.  The strange thing is that I have never heard of these before or seen any publicly available photos.  My friend spent parts of his childhood cycling round the islands visiting and mapping the Cart Ruts.  He had never heard of these or seen them until he literally stumbled upon them very recently.  He showed me a couple of photos and they are incredible.  Parts of them are like none of the other Cart Ruts/Tracks.  For a topic so unique to Malta (there are others but nothing like the Malta CartRuts) this seems amazing.

They may though fit into gEUlogy, I will have to wait and see.  It seems fitting that a day after I thought it was "The Birth of gEUlogy - End of Phase 1" it should be extended or the new phase starts with the Cart Ruts.  Then again it may prove that they are man made.

Are the Cart Ruts/Tracks of Malta man made or natural?  If they are man made then how were they made considering the vast differences in their physical appearances?  If they are EU then how were they created?

If man made then there are so many questions about why and what were they actually for?  How did the Clapham Junction Triangle survive or was it a natural event afterwards?  Why are they mostly found on the tops and slopes of rolling hills with Grey Rock, why do you get the electroblemes with them, why do they go over cliffs and across bays, why do you get the Cart Rut Junctions?

If they are Electric Universe created then how?  Pairs of currents moving along excavating the land?  Or thinking about the Rock Lines could they be ECM between points?

Could they be a mixture of the 2?  Man made Cart Ruts then when the last PDE happened the EMF hardened the rock into place (that is why they are still so sharp) and why we have the electroblemes associated with them.  The same rock hardening process as used by dentist and manufacturers involves ultra violet light to harden/cure (change) the chemicals. This idea may also explain the stunning old footprints in mud of people and animals.  If they were made in mud how did they last so long to even start to be covered to be fossilized?  Unless a PDE happened moments afterwards and they were hardened or the area was hit and they were fossilized instantly.

Maybe we shall never have enough proof.  Maybe the markers will be found.  I seem to have found enough evidence that an EU event did happen in the areas of the Cart Tracks but it is always an interpretation of the evidence and what you believe.