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Bahrija - discharge lines
« on: August 11, 2010, 21:52:23 »
Bahrija - discharge lines

curving and intertwining geology formations or gEUlogy electric discharges?

beside the Bahrija Crater are found a few sections of limestone lines that look like electrical discharges - similar to lichtenberg figures/patterns, electrical treeing or from a plasma discharge such as mega lightning. where these unusual limestone lines are located there are also mini craters (discharge craters or building rocks etc depending on what you think they are).

limestone deposit lines according to geologists or fault lines in the mediterranean on malta?

where the mini crater chain is found are these impressive curving limestone lines. are they limestone deposits or fault lines as geologists may suggest? or are they what they look like, discharge lines or electrical treeing in an Electric Universe?

what natural geology would form the curving and intertwining lines but not effect the limestone beside it and at either end? would the same geological process be able to reappear futher up the hill and then a mile or so further inland at the Bingemma Gap cart tracks? what nautural geology process could form the curving lines and the mini craters?

Malta's mediterranean diet - limestone lines and lichtenberg patterns and discharge craters

the image on the right shows the discharge lines and where the yellow arrows are pointing shows the 3 mini craters in the chain.

lichtenberg figures/patterns? found on maltese heathland/karstland by the Bahrija Crater

the above image on the left goes up towards the top of Bahrija village/hill which appears to be a discharge blister, something like an arc weld blister but on a much larger scale. this would likely to have been formed when the Bahrija Crater was formed or is the reason the crater is there if this area was already attractive to natural planetary electrical discharges in an Electric Universe

the image on the right shows the strange limestone lines flowing down to where there is a mini crater chain and more of this bizarre geology formations.

geological activity in the mediterranean on the island of malta? or Electric Universe geology?

do these lines show normal geological activity happening on Malta or are they evidence of geology in an Electric Universe? how can normal geological activity create these limestone lines? these discharge lines are not just found beside the Bahrija crater but along the Great Fault line at Bingemma Gap and at Pembroke.

If they were formed at the same time as the Great Fault line then how are they still about and looking brand new? What actually caused each one of these to be formed? Is the Great Fault line a massive electrical discharge or Electric Universe event itself?

purple plower plants in the mediterranean

this shrub was found growing between a couple of discharge lines that joined together. purple is a very special colour on earth. purple is a natural power colour. you will notice that when plants are growing that normally the "active" part of it is purple or red. the active part are the shoots, veins on the leaves and some parts of the flower petals.

why is this?

it must have something to do with frequencies and energy and, strangely enough, something to do with the colour green. why green? because green and purple are the opposite colours in the light spectrum. and one thing you dont find hardly anything of is green flower petals.

** Bahrija Crater - article on the area

** Bahrija Crater - images of gEUlogy stuff found around it

** Bingemma Gap - more Electric Universe discharge lines

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