Author Topic: How will the Electric Universe change the world and our lives?  (Read 7193 times)


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How will the electric universe change the world and our lives?

On the website this was posted in the chat by AL

Hi, what is the object or material that will absorb the most electromagnetic radiation? With plasma all around and it being an electrical universe, this means that we can make devices that can tap and harness the energy around us. this means we will not have to pay for electricity. One of these days we can all carry a small device that taps the electricity we can use for whatever purpose, transportation, personal cooling, communications, even personal protection. what do you think?

What effects will it have on us and the world if we can harness all the power of the world, our solar system, galaxy and potentially be connected to the whole universe (if it is an electric universe then there must be connections between things and everything)?

Humans have shown an ability to eventually learn how to utilise most power sources and we obviously have knowledge and control of electricity, electromagnetics and even harnessed atomic forces. An Electric Universe is perhaps the next natural step for us. Meant to be in the human progression of not just the physical but the mental and spiritual side of the Electric Universe?