Author Topic: full moon = closest+fully in earths magnetosphere = full circuit or attraction?  (Read 5294 times)


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full moon = closest+fully in earths magnetosphere = full circuit or attraction?

moons libration through the month, closest to the earth when full

as the moon gets fuller it gets closer to the earth. this is said to be due to the wobble in its orbit and its axis. but is it cause and effect, is it effective cause? does the orbit/wobble happen because the moon is entering the earths magnetosphere and creating a stronger circuit, a straighter alignment of the sun/earth/moon.

or is it to do with the electrical charges on the sides of the moon being attracted/repulsed with the earth, like electromagnets?

Charge differential between the day and night side of the Moon might generate an ion “wind” flowing from the negatively charged night side into the more positively charged sunlit side. The negative charge on the bright surface during daylight is moderated by the photoelectric phenomenon, while it tends to build up in the darkness, forming static electricity. The charge variation between the two hemispheres has been measured at more than 1000 volts.
Lunar Charge Distribution | thunderbolts TPOD

earths magnetosphere

There are more cases of planets being closest to the earth when in alignments with the earth. Is the solar system a frequency, is our solar system in harmony at the moment? Will it and has it changed in the past?

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