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Re: the Birth Of Rock
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                      Interesting about the rubbish piled up to the roof level.
That is organic, which was exactly what reich was utilising in his accumulator, alternate layers of organic and inorganic.
Recently alive material will interact with what both makes it and equally dissolves it.
You have to keep in mind the duality always, in balance the living matter will remeber what it is, a permanent system of switching on/off.
Nothing exists permanently, everything is remembering what it is  as long as the duality of magnetic flows are present.

The megalithic constructions were to entice the two opposite flows to where you desired them, to seperate them, to accumulate them, to divert them.
All similer to sluice gates in a river( that just made me think of the temple of the sun , inside)

Let's presume in a period of time an in-balance, thus a great need and desire to achieve a concentration of one side of the duality, especially for fertility.
It's no use having all men, or all women.

The fireplaces will possibly have been concentration devices, old time micro waves?